Troy T sings "Young Love" as Sam M sits by


Mel W performs her original poem "You Never Knew"


Hlee V performs "Near to You"


Baltimore K and Cal B perform a songcalled "Memory Lane," "Peppermint," or "Emerline"


District Swagg performs a dance


Sally M performs "Circus"


Alie reads "Unicorns"


Thieves Theme perform another demo


Thieves Theme demo


 Baltimore and Bill perform Johnny B. Goode


Not really relevant to anything


Logan and Ben performing "K-Mart Returns"


Joe performs The Extravagant Joe C. Experience


Kelly performs an original poem "No Title"


Kyle performs "The Village Blacksmith" by Longfellow

with a special appearance by Mr. Jaeger


Mr. Jackson performs "Hellbound Train"


The Choir Boyz II perform "In the Still of the Night"


Melissa and Kayla perform "I Think We're Going to be Friends"


Baltimore and Emma perform "You and I"


Tommy performs a speech


Keaton performs Electronic Funk Daddy (The Theata Tapes) (Untitled)