Get your hairspray ready! The Thassophobia Read In will return to MFHS on March 22nd. In order to participate, you must sign up outside of Room 144. You will also have to audition for the Thasso Club by March 12th. 

You can participate during your English class or study hall, and attendance will also be more exclusive this year. However, the Thasso Read In will still provide a relevant learning and entertainment experience, so encourage your English teachers to bring you to the auditorium on 3-22. 

Make sure that you are not behind in your classes--teachers have the right

Standards met:

C.12.1 Prepare and deliver formal oral presentations appropriate to specific purposes and audiences.

C.12.2 Listen to, discuss, and comprehend oral communications.

 See your participating teacher for more exciting curriculum integration exercises.


On Friday April 12, 2013 from 3:00-6:00 there will be a party to decorate pairs of TOMS shoes.  You may be asking yourself, “Why is this being posted so early?”  While the party is a ways away, the ordering of the shoes is not.  

The time is almost here once again.  Art students have been making bowls, the donations are rolling in, and the soup is ready to be made.  This year Empty Bowls will be held on Friday February 1st from 5:00 to 7:30.  This is right before the Boys Varsity Basketball game against Marquette, so you won’t be missing a thing.

Best Buddies is a global nonprofit organization that establishes work opportunities, one on one friendships and acceptance for those who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization’s dream of creating a beautifully integrated world has touched hearts for over 34 years.

MFHS FBLAIt's time to become part of an organization that is the largest and one of the most recognized in the state of Wisconsin! Menomonee Falls High School F.B.L.A.(Future Business Leaders of America) is an exciting club that has something in it for every person, whether you are interested in sports marketing, business math, ethics, cyber security, computer game and simulation programming, health care administration and many more!