Best Buddies is a global nonprofit organization that establishes work opportunities, one on one friendships and acceptance for those who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization’s dream of creating a beautifully integrated world has touched hearts for over 34 years.

Now because of Best Buddies: children, students and adults who have disabilities have the opportunity to be accepted for the wonderful individual they are. They are not known for their disability, but rather for the character, talents and abilities they possess. The organization has made it possible for “tolerance” to be discarded and for acceptance to take its place. Best Buddies has drawn in thousands of individuals, many who have disabilities and many that do not. Each with different perceptions of the Special Education community coming in, and every single one of them leaving with a different focus and belief in mind. This being said, there is an exceptional Best Buddies Club at Menomonee Falls High School. I encourage you to become a part of it. You will grow and learn so much more than you ever thought possible and develop patience, kindness and lifelong friendships. And you will be changed, all without even knowing it. If you’d like more information on getting involved or what the organization entails, please contact President Maggie Calkins or visit the online site: