MFHS FBLAIt's time to become part of an organization that is the largest and one of the most recognized in the state of Wisconsin! Menomonee Falls High School F.B.L.A.(Future Business Leaders of America) is an exciting club that has something in it for every person, whether you are interested in sports marketing, business math, ethics, cyber security, computer game and simulation programming, health care administration and many more!

Even if competitions which can lead to state and national levels aren't what interest you, there is much more to F.B.L.A. than that! Each year there are multiple chances for travel, meeting new people, leadership and numerous enjoyable activities in our school. Many F.B.L.A. students work in the school store along with other community service projects which help our school and village! This club not only builds you as a student but also as a member of society!  Future Business Leaders of America is honestly an extremely  fun, exciting organization to become a part of! Where else can you be part of something that had multiple top ten finishes at Nationals? Sign up for F.B.L.A. today by contacting Mrs. Burling or Mrs. Oliver!