by Bruce V

Now this always a big questions in everyone life as you know that when you’re out of school it is the time when you’re free to set your life up and be your own person but to start out isn’t the easiest as you have to find a job which will support you but sometimes the job you get isn’t always the best but you gotta do it because you need the money to support yourself and you don’t want to be a money leach to your friends and family. When work every day and do the exact thing over and over you think to yourself and think about what am I trying to achieve? Without a dream your life is pretty much empty as you have no motivation to keep you moving to success but with a dream you can set goals in your life and with that you have meaning in your life. You think you can planned many things in life but truth be told life isn't something that is set it happen as you move on but it up to you if you want something as it just doesn't happen naturally but it also work the other way too like someone doing something incredibly stupid. You can’t predict some things unless you can see the future which you can’t  ‘cause if you did you be the most successful thing since you were born. I’m not saying that you can wing everything in life because a little knowledge can give you a huge advantage.


Now some people think they can do everything by their self which is false because you need help from others to achieve things kinda like video game where characters work together to overcome the challenges before them. Having friends in different company can give you connection that give you an advantage especially friend that in a company that give your places a huge boost. Going solo in life is a long and hard as you have to work double time if you want to  be successful to fulfill your dreams but more connection make that time shorter. Friends can also give you joy as live your life day to day as you will do the same thing over and over but with friends that may change.


Life can be very complicated as you can see, it fill with a lot of twists and turn and may even make someone afraid to enter the world outside school. If you are determined you can overcome anything that come at you and make further in life. Having friends lightened the load on your back and they make life fun giving you the strength to go on. Now what are you going to do with your life when you are out of school?