by Cody S

When I first entered into Menomonee Falls High School as a freshman in 2010, there were special privileges allowed to the seniors that made me crave to be one. Things like separate seating at the nice round tables at lunch. And having a senior only study hall in the cafeteria. The best thing being the fact the seniors had the best locker locations in the school. And I couldn’t ever forgot about the fabled class color day where the seniors wore red and expressed their pride in being a senior and having completed so much and gotten so far. And now we have nothing.



It’s 2014, and I’m graduating in about a week. Technically, the graduation ceremony isn’t till June, but I won’t be required to come to school anymore. And that has gotten me thinking about all the senior exclusives my class never had, and if nothing is done, then no class ever will have the joy of these special things. Being a senior is something to be celebrated and enjoyed, but when the best things about being a senior are pretty much taken away from us and we can’t enjoy it, it kind of sucks. The round tables at lunch used to be for upperclassmen, but now no ones seats are safe because everyone feels the need to migrate around the lunchroom. Senior study hall used to be a thing everyone looked forward to, but when it turned into honors study hall, it became a disappointment. And my freshman year we were given the basement lockers, and that didn’t bother me much, until I found out the next year it would be the same lockers, and the next year was the same. And now as a seniors, I still have one of the worst locker locations. Class color day was apart of spirit week because everyone actually had spirit and enjoyed it, then that was taken away, just because separating us into classes was supposedly such a horrible thing.

Since I’m done with high school in about a week, I guess none of this matters to me. But down the road, if this keeps up, seniors will never be able to enjoy the best parts of seniors year. So if I was the high school, I’d really look at the changes that were made and think of the students and the seniors, and really think about what they would enjoy for their high school experience.