The Forensics season is getting close and it's time to start planning how you want to participate. Meets are from late January through late April, but you need to prepare early if you want to compete with the perennial favorites in the area. 


If you are interested in acting, Forensics has several categories for you, including humorous or serious solo acting and group acting using two or more students. You will hone your skills performing the same piece three times each week and stacking your performances up against the best local actors. 


If you are interested in public speaking, Forensics gives you many options, as well. You can practice your persuasive speeches for that future in politics, or you can focus on informational speeches. 

If you just want to work on your own voice without worrying about memorizing, you can choose radio or group discussion. 

Whatever you choose to perform, you will gain confidence as a speaker. Talk to Mr. Jaeger or Mrs. Zaupa if you are interested.