best buddies mfhsSeniors Emily Suetholz and Morgan Scrobel know that school culture could and should
be improved.
Best Buddies, a club partnering regular education students with those with intellectual
and developmental disabilities, is growing mightily, but it still needed a boost.
“There’s just words that shouldn’t be used n the school that are used too often,” said
Scrobel, president of Best Buddies.
One of those is the “R” word sometimes used to label those with disabilities, now equated
with the racial slur starting with “N.”
Scrobel and Suetholz, the club’s vice president, got an idea to help rid the school of that
term while promoting respect for classmates from a conference in Indiana last summer. They
took their presentation plan to Principal Corey Golla.
“He loved the idea from the start,” Suetholz said.
On Wednesday, national “Spread the word to end the word” day, that idea came to
fruition. Classes each period made their way to the auditorium and heard from Scrobel, Suetholz
and other Best Buddies, and saw a high-quality news clip the club made. The club even sold
shirts to promote the event.
Two pairs of buddies described their friendships and discussed the activities they enjoy
and the fun they have together.
Best Buddies took a calculated risk in an audience participation exercise, asking people to
stand if they ever experienced anxiety, bullying, wore glasses and a host of other conditions.
Suetholz said she worried nobody would get up.
Instead, nobody sat. Groups of students and staff willfully rose as the list went on.
“I think the majority of the room was standing,” Scrobel said.
Club treasurer Elise Hervey said at lunch a girl told her she got teary eyed during the
Hundreds of students signed the “Spread the Word” banner in the cafeteria, many more
than last year. The difference Best Buddies is making is evident.
“I think it’s great,” said club advisor and Nationally Board Certified teacher Karen
Richie. “I do notice a difference in the climate.”
One key, she said, is the buddies are actually developing friendships rather than the club
serving as a charity.
Best Buddies grew from 18 to 50 students this year, and the club prides itself on
welcoming everyone.
“It’s really a no-judgment zone,” said Hervey.
“This year we made a giant step,” said Scrobel.

Menomonee Falls Forensics 2014While the Forensics team was not huge in size this year, the commitment of team members has risen from previous years. Fifteen students practiced with the team and eight participated in meets. A full forensics team is 25 students, so there is still room for improvement. However, Menomonee Falls High School has five students who have gotten through sub-districts on their way to state in Madison: Bhakti A, Ritika P, Katelyn M, Signe M, and Caroline H. 

by Bruce V

Now this always a big questions in everyone life as you know that when you’re out of school it is the time when you’re free to set your life up and be your own person but to start out isn’t the easiest as you have to find a job which will support you but sometimes the job you get isn’t always the best but you gotta do it because you need the money to support yourself and you don’t want to be a money leach to your friends and family. When work every day and do the exact thing over and over you think to yourself and think about what am I trying to achieve? Without a dream your life is pretty much empty as you have no motivation to keep you moving to success but with a dream you can set goals in your life and with that you have meaning in your life. You think you can planned many things in life but truth be told life isn't something that is set it happen as you move on but it up to you if you want something as it just doesn't happen naturally but it also work the other way too like someone doing something incredibly stupid. You can’t predict some things unless you can see the future which you can’t  ‘cause if you did you be the most successful thing since you were born. I’m not saying that you can wing everything in life because a little knowledge can give you a huge advantage.


On Saturday, February 1st, Menomonee Falls High School hosted the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Region 7 Regional Leadership Conference. Over 800 students and 200 judges, advisors and chaperones were in attendance. MFHS FBLA had a record 126 competitors in over 50 events in areas such as Accounting, Personal Finance, Marketing, and Digital Video Production. Events were individual or team, and ranged from presentations, to creating products, to taking objective tests. MFHS placed 1st overall out of 28 schools at the Regional Competition with a record 78 students qualifying for the FBLA State Leadership Conference in Appleton on April 7 and 8. This is the best finish ever for MFHS!mfhs fbla 2014

by Cody S

When I first entered into Menomonee Falls High School as a freshman in 2010, there were special privileges allowed to the seniors that made me crave to be one. Things like separate seating at the nice round tables at lunch. And having a senior only study hall in the cafeteria. The best thing being the fact the seniors had the best locker locations in the school. And I couldn’t ever forgot about the fabled class color day where the seniors wore red and expressed their pride in being a senior and having completed so much and gotten so far. And now we have nothing.