This 2012-2013 season is anything but boring for these girls. Although there may be ten of them, they all have the same thing in common, they want to win while having fun at what they do best.

Although they have lost one of their matches, these girls fight till the end and never give up. Though these girls do the work, they couldn't have gotten this far without the amazing help of their two coaches; Scott and Rich. On this upcoming Saturday January 19, 2013, the girls take on Sussex Hamilton and Waukesha West, both are very tough teams. At the rate these Falls girls play, they have their minds set on going number one and to state in Wausau. But before packing up for state, these girls are prepared to give it their all to take number one in district, as well as number one confrence champs. Last year these girls where number two in division with the tough match against Waukesha West. To these girls, I say good luck and make me proud.