Funk Volume was supposed to be the best team for rec ball this year. They had their first game on monday January 14th 2013 and lost to the Justice League 43 - 35.

These two teams are very explosive and they both run hard.The level at which the people on the team cared also played a huge factor in this game.Many people see Rec. Ball as just something to do and mess around. That amount of people that are on your team can affect the outcome of the game as it did in this matchup between these two powerhouses. At halftime Funk Volume was only down by 15 points giving them hope and faith that they can come back and win the game.The Justice League weren't going to let that happen and they didn't. Although we know that the two teams were evenly matched but in the end the Justice League came out on top. The lead scorers for the Justice League were Nate Beohler and Micheal VanAlstyne. The leading scorers for Funk Volume were De’shawn Pullen and Troy Tyler. Funk Volumes next game is this Thursday on the 17th. Clear your calendar so that you can see this explosive team in action.