As you all may have heard there’s a new team to be reckoned with in the Rec. ball league.  The Abusement Park had their debut game last Monday to start of the season strongly.  In a close loss of 7 to 72 there were points scored by players Eric Brodish and James Jorgenson.

 Star players such as Daniel Crowley and Frank Troyer played but were a bit under the weather from the winter influenza. Some of the Giants on the court such as Tyler Bartz and Sean O'Brian were the cause of the close game.  Each with over ten points and standing over six foot three.  The Abusement Park had their own special weapon Andrew Fehr standing at six foot four to try to contain the twin tower duo but he had little success. There was no direct statement to any press after the game by the brand new head coach Timmy.  During the game he was heard shouting, “Get more physical and punch the other team.”  Their next game is this Thursday the 17th, and the predicted crowd could is a whopping 40 people.