Close, but not quite. Some years Menomonee Falls has a good team that loses unexpectedly, and sometimes the school has a crappy team that surprises with a few wins. Either way, the Menomonee Falls High School football team will generally not win it all. Not that most teams win it all very often, but if you live in Germantown, Brookfield, Pewaukee, Grafton, Mequon, New Berlin, or just about anywhere else in Southeastern Wisconsin, you still have a good school to fall back on. And a nice house, And neighbors who break into your garage and steal your snowblower.

The only team that deserves to win more than Menomonee Falls in order to validate mediocre lives would include both West Allis schools. The fact that they are even worse is actually refreshing, since there's never false hope, In Menomonee Falls, false hope persists. It creeps into the ductwork of the shoddily-built pretend Brookfield mcmansions. It works its way into the air that smells of the garbage dump. It lives in the minds and hearts of kids who just want to get out of Wisconsin's largest village, only to end up attending conferences for their own kids a decade or two later.

Those of you who have also never won anything important from Menomonee Falls, you don't want them to win, either. They'd get cocky, driving up and down Appleton for years, wearing their letterman jackets over state champion t-shirts. You'd wish you could leave, but you just can't. You never could. Tech school never changed it for you.

by Alec F

On Wednesday the Germantown Ice Bears Co-op faced off against the Kenosha Thunder. The Thunder gained the advantage in the first period, making the score 0-2. The Ice Bears held strong in the second period, keep the score at 0-2. Five minutes into the third period, Kenosha put the puck in the net again, making the score 0-3. The Ice Bears battled back, and five minutes later Nate Breckenridge, a Senior from West Bend West, scored, making the game 1-3. Almost 15 minutes into the period, the Ice Bears when on the power play. Germantown Senior Jake Tweeten took a blistering shot from the slot, leaving Germantown only down by 1. Only 27 seconds remained in regulation time. The Ice Bears pulled their goalie, giving them an extra player. With a scrum in front of the net, Menomonee Falls Senior Alec Fieldhack managed to hit the puck in with one second left in the game, tying it up at 3-3. The game spilled over into overtime. Both teams fought hard but Germantown prevailed. Peter Schmidt tipped a shot from the blue line in for a goal! Ice Bears win 4-3. They continue their season on Friday against Brookfield at 6:30pm and have senior night on Saturday.


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This 2012-2013 season is anything but boring for these girls. Although there may be ten of them, they all have the same thing in common, they want to win while having fun at what they do best.

The Indians made sure that homecoming was a success by beating Brookfield Central 14 to 0. The Indians were led by a resilient Defense and a strong rushing attack led by Quarter back Adam Vechart who ended with 104 yards for the day.