The tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school was terrible. Many people will never know how the parents and families of the victims felt on that day and probably for the rest of their lives. These people will not know or ever even begin to understand what they felt, because words cannot explain the pain and heartache of such a horrible loss. When this happened, the news quickly spread fast, having a very strong emotional affect on many.


Hearing ofthe shooting and the horrifying fate of the young children and brave teachers affected everyone differently. Some were very curious as to whom the shooter was and why did he do what he did. Others, me included, began to think of how scary this must have been for the teachers and children that attended Sandy Hood Elementary that day. Then there are the people who heard of this tragic event and began to think of a way to make a change.

                President Barack Obama launched the biggest U.S. gun control push in generations, urging congress to approve an assault weapons ban and background check. When Obama brought this into discussion, a question of violation was brought up as well. Some people believe since American citizens have the right to bear arms then those citizens should be allowed to carry a gun without having their background checked. This isn’t safe at all!

                Obama’s statement shows that he is okay with the 2nd Amendment but a line needs to be drawn. For the government to allow guns to be sold without a background check, it is giving a blind trust to people. A blind trust that mankind has not yet earned. People have guns because they believe they will be safer but as long as it is legal for anyone to purchase a gun without being checked out first, it is adding more danger to the world. And for those who believe that a gun is their best line of defense, so be it, but people could have “protection” without carrying an assault weapon, this isn’t WWII.

After Obama pushed for this, there was a comment made by an individual. The individual said that Obama was a hypocrite for allowing armed forces to protect his daughters. This comment should be disregarded because 1: With Obama being the president; there are going to be people who wish to harm him and/or his family. And because it is unknown who is carrying a gun or if that person has had a background check, it necessary. And 2: The men who have been hired to protect Obama’s family most likely has had a background check done, so this is not like anyone off the street going out to buy a gun.

In conclusion, the World is a scary and dangerous place and that is partly because you never know who has what in their pocket or back at home. I personally would love for there to be no gun what-so-ever. That means no guns for war, for hunting, or for fun. Guns are not necessary. Native Americans lived happy and healthy without them. People who have guns against other people with guns are wrong. You cannot fight fire with fire; it only creates a bigger flame. But banning guns is not likely to happen, at least not anytime soon, so the next best thing to do to begin to make this world a safer place, are background checks on those who wish to purchase guns.