Based in the post-apocalyptic world you play as a man freed from a cryogenic chamber.  You awaken to the Earth which has sustained an apocalyptic asteroid hit.  You’re a survivor of those who were put underground in hopes of surviving this impact.  You work with towns who have begun rebuilding, and your goal is to overthrow the government (“The Authority”).

The story of Rage is hard to follow, you never learn your name.  The story is really just a reason to shoot things. 

The game gives you pretty cool weapons and ammo, such as a rocket launcher, shotgun, handgun, sniper, SMG, and a crossbow.  The game allows for easy swapping between guns in combat.  Many players will find the

sniper most helpful in many situations.  At times enemies will spawn on balconies throwing flaming balls of doom towards you (they have incredible aim, mind you).  Rage developers give you many diverse enemies from mutants, to gunners, to automobile enemies, to government armored soldiers.  What I liked (and made me RAGE the most) was that enemies moved differently so you really had to know which action would be best for the enemy at hand.  For instance, mutants are more parkour.  They run along walls, hang from the ceiling, jump, and roll just before they reach you.  They use zip lines just as your character can, and pop out of nowhere to give the game that much more tension. 

As for the side missions they play along like any other game, they stay simple then progressively get harder.  Most of the time the missions are just deliveries and retrieving.  Sometimes you just had to kill everything in sight.  There’s a lot to do outside the missions, such as racing events, card game (There’s a collectable card game in the game!), five finger fillet.  But do these missions first, because once you beat the game you cannot go back into the world of Rage  with all your guns and equipment. 

One of the faults with the game is the Co-Op.  The only available forms of multiplayer is Co-Op missions you do together, or vehicle combat.  The missions are fun to play with friends, but if you’re looking for a two-player mission game I’d much rather go with Army of Two, or Splinter Cell: Conviction’s multiplayer modes.  The game would look good with a versus mode, taking in the phenomenal graphic and different levels of playing styles (Open areas, and small confined areas).  The environments would just be perfect for shooting combat, or even a team deathmatch. 

One more point that should be made is that for the Xbox edition of Rage there are three disks.  Not that number of disks should change how you like a game, but I thought it was irritating that to play Co-Op you had to insert disk three.  To go back to single player, insert disk one.  Once you get to much progress on disk one, insert disk two.  To go back to Wellsprings, insert disk one.  The constant flip flopping between disks was just a bit annoying. 

Overall, Rage isn’t your typical shooter.  It has great gameplay, nothing less from gorgeous graphics, varied enemies, interesting characters, environments that add dynamic layers of awesomeness.  All of that outweighs the poor storyline and plot holes.