In this sci-fi thriller a group of space marines are called to a military/science research facility called Olduvai on mars.  Here the team is met with a challenge like nothing they have ever seen before.  There are genetically enhanced lifeforms on mars that are out for blood.  Sarge (Dwayne the Rock Johnson) leads this team into battle with these creatures in an exciting action packed journey to eliminate the enemy.

Reaper (Karl Urban) is emotionally torn on whether or not to go for this trip.  His sister is a scientist on Olduvai, and they don’t get along all too well, because Reaper doesn’t want her up there in that dangerous environment.  Sarge offers Reaper some paid leave so that Reaper wouldn’t have to go on this mission, but Reaper ends up going.  This impresses Sarge and he lets Reaper on board.
While on mars they are bombarded by the genetically mutated scientists and staff that once worked in the facility.  The team finds out vital information about the mutations and are able to provide very important information about its specifics.
The movie has some twists and turns that keep you on your toes, but you should watch for yourself and see if they meet their DOOM.