The movie Stay Alive premiered on March 24, 2006.  It appealed to both people who are into horror films, and gamers.  In the movie there is a man named Loomis Crowley, who receives a copy  of an unreleased game called Stay Alive.  Loomis is under the impression that he is beta testing this game, but boy was he wrong.  The night that Loomis starts to play the game he dies in it.  That same night he dies in real life.  Hutch; Loomis’s best friend gets a call at work telling him that his best friend was murdered.

During Loomis’s funeral, Loomis’s sister comes up to Hutch with a brown leather bag.  The bag contains pictures from the boys childhood, and most interesting, the game Stay Alive.  

Hutch goes to visit his friends Phineas and October at their gaming cafe.  Here Phineas discovers the game and suggests that they play it to honor Loomis.  Hutch is hesitant, and for good reason.  Hutch,Swink,October,Phineas, and Abigail get together to play, with Hutch’s boss, who is at work playing online.  When they start playing the game they need to read some text, which puts a curse on all of them and marks them for death.

Throughout the rest of the movie the group members play the game and struggle for their lives, in order to stay alive.