In my opinion, the Paranormal Activity movies are not even scary and all have the same ending.

It also didn’t help that the movies were made backwards, which I can only think that the creator’s intention was to make the first one, but since that was a huge hit, they decided to release the whole childhood story backwards.
It seems comedy movies are lacking creativity to start of 2013. Two spoof movies, Haunted House and Scary Movie 5 are both creating a comedy making fun of the Paranormal Activity movies.Both of these movies appear to be funny, but I don’t think it would be worth seeing both in theaters.
A downside to Scary Movie 5 is that it doesn’t have the original cast members as Scary Movie 1 through 4. Instead of the amazing Anna Faris, they are replacing her with Ashley Tisdale. This weakens my interest in seeing it on the big screen.
I will have to see both in order to give my full opinion, but may those are something you may want to see.