In Hearts Wake is an up and coming Australian hardcore band. Not much is known about these guys, except for the fact that they just released an album and are all set to tour their home of Australia from January to Spring. They may not be very well known now, but after listening to their album, there is no doubt that they will be huge soon.

The album is called ‘Divination’, and while there are some bands who just come up with an album title just because it’s cool, In Hearts Wake has taken this name to heart. Each and every song is dedicated to a different tarot card, each with it’s own story and meaning. The first song is called Neverland, and it is based on the tarot card, The Star. The song is about the hope to carry on even through difficult times. The third song, Departure is the song that deals with the tarot card, Death. Though it seems like it would be an extremely dark song, it deals with letting go. This is the most powerful song, with heavy riffs and simple rhythms. The “Boom” after the chorus is known to cause more than a few mosh pits. The Unknown revolves around the tarot card, Strength. The meaning behind it is the spirit overcoming all obstacles. This song features a different breakdown than normal, where everything comes to a pause, and then it commences. Survival is based off of The Chariot. It talks about surviving in this world on your own. The band added in a line from one of their favorite video games, Halo, in this one. Shapeless is based off of the Judgement card. The song deals with awakening your spirit and choosing a path, good or evil. The line ‘Mother, father, won’t you make me brave? Or will I live life to an early grave?’ is a perfect question to sum up the song’s powerful meaning. The driving riffs and rythmhs of Lorely, which is based on The Lovers, is a song that deals with two forces balances, another way of talking about a relationship. The breakdown is one of the most catchy and inspirational of the whole album.


In Hearts Wake delivers a powerful performance with ‘Divination’. Not only are the lyrics meaningful and powerful, the music is driving, and fitting for the mood of the lyrics. There are little to no flaws on this album, and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to listen to true music.