I recently read the Book Wait For Me by Elisabeth Naughton. At first I was under the impression that it would be a spin off of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter book The Vow. It started off the same way with the wife Kate having memory loss forgetting the life she had.

The book was nothing like I thought It was going to be there were many twist and turn with  many secrets being uncovered. The book was a good quick read if you're into Tainted love stories. The husband mysteriously dies and Kate finds a picture of a young woman she thinks to be her daughter, but this character Ryan keeps popping into the story and into Kate’s life. While trying to find who her daughter was a love evolves between Ryan and Kate. Their love is a second chance at enjoying love but its threatened by unknown causes, Possibly because some secrets are better left uncovered. This book overall was enjoyable and kept you on your toes. On another note this book isn’t something I’ve seen before, most romance novels tend to be cliche and follow a pattern this one however and a pattern of their own.  I recommend it if you enjoy love and romance and a little mystery.