The most recent trend of 3D films began in 2009 with James Cameron’s mega blockbuster Avatar. Since then, many films have been re-released in 3D in cinemas. Filmmakers also can convert their films to 3D in post production and it doesn’t come out well.


 Film distribution companies such as Paramount Pictures re-release films in 3D because they want to make more money at the box office. It’s all about the money these days for films. When a successful film comes out such as The Hunger Games, the first thing that filmmakers jump to is either make a sequel or distribute the film in 2D and 3D.

 From day one, I have never seen a 3D film in theaters. There are many reasons why. I don’t want to wear those glasses and the things that pop out at you can be irritating. Moreover, I think 3D is over rated. Some films don’t require 3D to make the experience magical such as Shrek Forever After.

 I think 3D is going out of style. I feel filmmakers are wasting their time and money on converting their films to 3D. You may enjoy 3D films because it enhances your experience while you’re in the darkened theater. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t drive you nuts in the end.

 Seeing films in 3D also costs more once you walk to the admission stand. It isn’t cheap to see a film in 3D and that means you must really want to see a certain film in 3D. I’m happy with 2D despite I don’t get the luxuries that 3D has to offer.

 There’s only one film that I’m willing to see in 3D. The re-release of the epic Titanic. I think it will look gorgeous in 3D. It’s also one of my favorite films. I am actually really excited to see Titanic 3D. However, this film won’t convince to love 3D films.

 Film distribution companies will realize 3D isn’t the best way to go to make more money off their films instead to leave their films as they were at some point. Moviegoers will eventually get out of their craze for 3D films. Hopefully in ten years or so, most films will be released in 2D and a few films will be released in 3D.

With that said, what do you think of 3D films?