by Kiersten K

Frozen is a Disney movie that had just been released a few weeks ago. I thought it was more directed towards little kids until I saw it. The first time I saw the movie, I was with my grandma and my mom and they fell in love with it just like I did. Frozen had a mixture of different emotions and feelings throughout the whole movie which is what I loved best. It had outstanding humor from many of the characters but it had serious, sad, and romantic moments as well. This movie is filled with laughter from the kids and from the adults. One of the characters that creates the most humor would have to be Olaf the snowman. The things he says and his actions are just hysterical that makes the whole theatre roar with laughter. Another thing that was great about this movie was the music. I usually don’t like when there’s random singing and dancing in movies but this one was different. The songs weren’t too long during the movie and the lyrics are phenomenal. Some of the songs from the movie have actually made the top charts of iTunes. The music just fit so well with everything that was happening in the movie and it created some foreshadowing as well. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is definitely worth the money.