by Isaiah C


Mabinogi is a online  massively multiplayer onlinedeveloped by Devcat Studios. Mabinogi is a game that invites you to live your fantasy life through many activities such as fishing.


Mabinogi is a very unique game in the point that it doesn't force you to do anything you can pretty much do anything you like. Activities you can do include fishing, cooking, sewing, blacksmithing, singing and playing instruments theres even skills in the game for milking cows. The game also has a system where the character you control will age every saturday you can go from the age of ten up to age twenty-five.  Although it is true the game doesn't force you to do anything the game does have a main storyline that gets updated pretty much every three months. As of right now the story has eighteen chapters telling the story of your life trying to become a hero and saving the world. The game constantly has events running for people to play to earn prizes and just in general have fun. Now with every game Mabinogi has it’s cons such as the fact that the game is free but there are members benefits that you would pay for. Although free players can do everything a member can do members can get extra space to hold their items and they get free items on a daily basis. Another issue is the unique leveling system the game has the game is set up so your level is pretty much useless except for points you get to put into skills used for fighting and other skills. The leveling system has you level up until you reach a point where it becomes hard to level again. At this point you must do something called rebirthing that can only take place every three weeks. Rebirthing causes your character to be downgraded to level one and your age will be reset to seventeen. Lastly the graphics which are being updated can seem kind of dated but the game did come out in two thousand four so you should give them credit there. All in all mabinogi is a relaxing game where you can just take the game at your own pace and I would definitely recommend you to play it.