by Isaiah C

Stephen Kings It is a psychological horror novel about a group of children who come together to put an end to a monster who haunts the sewers of the fictional town of Derry. The monster known simply as It as it has the ability to change it’s shape based on peoples fears. It usually takes the shape of a circus clown and calls itself Pennywise the dancing clown. The book is divided in two parts that switch seemingly at random between the years 1957-1958 and the years 1985 -1986. The book centers around the lives of seven children who all come with their own problems as they grow into adults while fighting the monster It. The children are seven people who form an unlikely friendship due to them all dealing with their own problems such as speech problems , smothering parents, abuse, getting into trouble and racial fueled hatred.  I wouldn’t recommend  this book for people who scare easily especially if you have a fear of clowns. A remake of the book is soon coming out as a two part movie that I also wouldn’t recommend to the faint of heart.