The Wolf Among Us- Episode 1- Faith Game Review

In The Wolf Among Us, you play as Bigby Wolf, otherwise known as The Big Bad Wolf, the villain in most fairy tales. When a severe murder is committed, Bigby Wolf must team up with Snow White to uncover information about this strange case.


I wasn’t really looking forward to The Wolf Among Us, I didn’t hear about it much in gaming news, but I am a fan of The Walking Dead game, which is made by the same company. I saw it had just been released while I was browsing my Xbox 360, and thought $5 was a reasonable price, so I bought it, and having just beaten it, I absolutely loved it. For those of you who don’t know, The Walking Dead game was not a game about how many zombies you could kill, it was a story driven epic that centered around Lee’s relationship with characters, whenever you talk to people, you have four dialogue options (with one of them being to remain silent) there are also choices you make throughout the game like for example you can pick which character to save, pick person #1, person #2 dies, pick person #2, person #1 dies. The game is also told in five episodes, with each taking about an hour or so to complete and the episodes being released every two months or so. The Wolf Among Us follows the same concept, and even though it is completely unrelated to The Walking Dead game, I found it to be a great point and click adventure with a horrifyingly shocking cliffhanger. First off, the characters. The main character you play as, Bigby Wolf, is one of my favorite video game characters in a long time. I can’t even describe how cool he is. The other characters, like Snow White and the Woodsman, were also surprisingly well developed and interesting. One of my favorite moments in the game is towards the ending, the bar scene. I won’t tell you why I love it so much because I really don’t want to ruin it. Another great scene is the opening scene, which focused on a fight in an apartment. This scene really demonstrated how well the controls have improved from The Walking Dead game. The first episode of The Wolf Among Us is a fantastic accomplishment for game company TellTale Games, and I can’t wait for the next episode, 5/5