Timecrimes (2007) Movie Review

In Timecrimes, a man accidentally gets into a time machine and travels back in time nearly an hour, which leads to unforeseeable consequences.


Going into Timecrimes, I was immensely excited to watch it. I had heard critical acclaim from numerous people, and I think foreign films are really interesting. After watching it I can say that this is one of the best time travel movies ever made. I know that is an incredibly bold statement to make with movies like Back to the Future, Terminator 2, and Primer. But notice I did not say “The Best” I said “One of the best”.  Let’s start out with the characters, which is honestly not the best part of the movie. That being said, the characters are pretty developed, I wouldn’t call it extremely fleshed out, but they are developed, and you really feel for the main character, Hector. Nacho Vigalando, the director and writer of this movie, did a great job in both categories. He really made Hector a relatable character, which a lot of movies try to do, and a lot of movies fail to do. In terms of directing, Nacho Vigalando, there are many stand out scenes visually. This movie has twists to keep you on your feet and distract you from the time loopholes, no time travel movie has no loopholes, so distracting you from them is really tough to do, but Nacho Vigalando did it perfectly. This movie also did a fantastic job at intensity; this movie is so intense, even though not a single bullet is fired in the entire movie. If you are looking for an intense movie that has to do with time travel and you don’t mind reading subtitles for the duration of the movie (trust me, it will be difficult for like the first 10 minutes but you will get used to it.) Timecrimes gets a 5/5

New Rating System

0/5= One of the worst movies ever

1/5= A poor attempt at filmmaking with almost no redeemable qualities

2/5= Pretty Bad, but not the worst

3/5=  Good movie

4/5= Great movie, would buy on Blu-Ray and show friends

5/5= Incredible movie, show all friends, never stop talking about it

6/5= In my top 5 favorite movies ever list