Bullying is one of the most hotly debated issues in America; there have been many PSAs, websites, and movies, which include a feature documentary about the subject. Before I say anything, however I must get a couple of things clear. I have been the victim of bullying, but I have also been the bully. I said some things that I am certainly not proud of, and was appropriately disciplined for it. Also, I do not in any way condone kids being hurt, with that being said, enjoy:


            I always see it on billboards, shirts, and websites. “Stop Bullying Today!” Is that really possible? No it’s not. Bullying is just a form of kids being jerks, and kids have been jerks since the dawn of time, and they will continue to be jerks until the world ends. Asking for kids to stop being mean is asking for way too much, and people never seem to see the point of view from the bullies side. They could be abused at home, or suffer from having an alcoholic mom or dad. There are two sides to just about every argument, and people need to realize this before they just give into blind support.