In "The Machinist" An industrial worker who hasn't slept in a year begins to doubt his own sanity.

This Movie Stars: Christian Bale as: Trevor Reznik Jennifer Jason Leigh as: Stevie and John Sharian as: Ivan


Going into this movie I was hoping it to be good, but I heard from some places that it was not that good, and after watching it, I have to say that this movie is good, definitely not the best psychological thriller out there but far from the worst. Let’s start with the performances. I just wanted to say that I give Christian Bale insane respect for losing so much weight for this role; he really looks like he hasn't slept in a year (I'll get into that later.), even though Bale got a little over-the-top in some scenes that involve screaming, he was excellent in this movie, he even carried the movie at some points. No one really stands out from the rest of the cast, except maybe John Sharian as Ivan, even though he wasn’t in it that much; the scenes he was in were fantastic due to his creepy performance. Another positive for this movie was the directing. Brad Anderson directed it well; a scene that stands out to me is the amusement park scene that was handled very well. He also portrayed the machinist factory well; he made it seem that one little mistake could cause something terrible to happen, which is true. Most of these psychological thriller movies have a twist ending, and this movie has one, and I thought it was okay. Without spoiling the movie, the twist that involves the waitress and her kid was unpredictable and it surprised me; however, the twist that involved Ivan was very predictable, and I definitely saw it coming. Another flaw with the movie is the fact that Trevor says he hasn’t slept in a year. We have no proof that he hasn’t so we are expected that a normal man with no supernatural powers was able to stay awake for a year without dying, there is no explanation in the movie for that, and that kind of bugged me throughout the movie, but it did not distract from the quality of the movie too much. I understand suspension of disbelief, but that was just a little silly. Pretty good movie, decent psychological thriller you might want to check out 7.3/10. I just have one more flaw with the movie that could potentially be a minor spoiler, I will try to keep it as vague as possible, but if you are interested in this movie, you might want to turn back now. In the movie, the main character gets distracted while operating some dangerous machinery, it causes someone to get severely injured, he survives it though, I think it would have added much more emotionally grief and stress within the mind of Trevor if the character would have died.