Aliens Franchise Thoughts


In 1979, Ridley Scott made a small movie that eventually exploded into a cultural phenomenon, after reading books, playing games, and watching movies based on this franchise, I have some positive and negative thoughts/mini-reviews on this franchise. But before I get started know that I have not read every single book and played every single video game based on this franchise, so there may be some media that I am missing.



To read this you need to understand the rules of the Alien Franchise; I will give you the abridged version right now. For an Alien to be born, an adult Alien must bring a human back to its lair, alive, cocoon it, and set it in front of an egg where a spider-like creature latches on to its face, impregnating it with a baby Alien, which will burst out of the human’s stomach later on, when the Alien comes out, the human should be in incredible pain.


Let’s start off with the Alien Movies


First off: Alien (1979) A slow moving,  somewhat dated, sci-fi thriller that is still a fantastic movie, and even though some aspects of the movie are dated, it is still scary and disturbing to this day, it also introduced the character Ellen Ripley, one of the most likable and threatening characters in any science fiction series ever. 8/10




Next: Aliens (1986) A phenomenal, and scary action movie with memorable characters, quotable lines, breathtaking scenes, and moral decisions, it also has twists to keep you on your feet the entire time, one of my favorite movies of all time. 10/10





Next: Alien³ (1992) Not as bad as people say it is, but still very sub-par to other movies of the Alien Franchise. The memorable and likable characters are gone, except for Ripley, the main character throughout these movies and what we get are unmemorable and unlikable characters, even though the movie takes place on a prison planet, the characters should still be somewhat likable. The movie also borrows a little too much from the original Alien, but has enough new ideas to keep you interested. The ending of the movie is fantastic I must say, but it will all be ruined by the next movie. Decent movie to watch if you want some closure to the Alien franchise 5.5/10



Next: Alien Resurrection (1997) When I first heard of this movie, I thought it was a joke, how could they make another Alien movie after Alien³? The ending was so conclusive they would have to bring a ridiculous plot point into the movie, like cloning or something. That is exactly what they did, and the title Alien Resurrection? Seriously that is the most stock title to any movie sequel! (See: Robocop: Resurrection, Halloween: Resurrection, Birdemic 2: The Resurrection HellRaiser: Resurrection). But enough of the nitpicking, let me explain why this movie is atrocious. It does have memorable characters, but they are not likable, also they made Ripley unlikable, the acting is atrocious, it breaks the franchises rules, it has awful effects, and it is just overall a goofy movie. There are dozens of other movies why this movie is an abomination, but this is an editorial explaining my thoughts on the franchise. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. 0.1/10.


Now I will talk about the Alien vs. Predator Movies, these will be very short, because I really do not have much to say about the movies.



First off: Alien vs. Predator (2004) A guilty pleasure of mine, it does try to take itself way to seriously, and I do not count it in the Alien universe (especially after Prometheus, I’ll get into that later). It also has very boring and stock characters, and they treat the Predators like a protagonist, which is just really stupid if you have seen the Predator movies. However, the action is very well done, and it is just a stupid, fun movie that I pop in every once in awhile with a bunch of friends, and a box of popcorn, I will not rate this movie since it is a guilty pleasure.



Next Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2009)

It’s bad; it’s really, really bad. I appreciate the fact that they had an R rating for this movie, but the movie is just really bad. 2/10




I will now talk about the Prometheus movie



Prometheus (2012)

I really, really enjoyed this movie. I do not understand why so many people hate it so much, maybe because it doesn’t answer every question in the movie, but that’s what I think sequels are for and a sequel is already in the works. There are way too many characters in this movie though, I only remember half of the crew, however, the characters that are developed are pretty likable and memorable, like Idris Alba, who isn’t in the movie a lot, but he is really cool in the movie. The main character, played by Noomi Rapace was also very likable in this movie, and she did a good job with her role. The ending to this movie blew my mind and this movie has potentially to be a fantastic Ridley Scott Sci-fi trilogy. Check it out 9.2/10


Now that the movies are done, I will now discuss the book I have read


Aliens: Earth Hive (1992)

I really hated this book, it was really boring and the characters are not deep enough, they are shallow marines that are only in the book to die, do not read this book, it is not good at all. 1/10



Now time to discuss the video games


Aliens Vs Predator (2010)

There are five different game modes in this game so I will talk about each one

Predator Campaign: Pretty good, the stealth in the game was pretty well done and the jumping mechanic was very well executed. I also liked the sort of brotherhood connection of all of the Predators, and how that when one of them died, they had to destroy the body

Alien Campaign: Pretty embarrassing, the alien is really hard to control, you end up jumping around everywhere and the wall climbing is awful; do not get this game for the Alien campaign only.

Colonial Marine Campaign: This campaign has the main flaw of all the games where you play as a marine, the aliens are far too easy to kill, in the original Alien movie the Alien was a destructive force of nature that killed anything in its sight, in this game you just shoot it with a shotgun and it dies, I cannot stand that

Survival Mode:  This is where you play as a marine in a dark corridor fighting the aliens that come after you, this is far better than the campaign because it is actually pretty scary, the Aliens are harder to kill because you can barely see them. This is probably the best game mode in the entire game.

Multiplayer Mode:  Bland, hard to control, unfair teams, not very a very good addition to the game.

Overall I give this game a 5.8 out of 10


Next: Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013)

This is the Alien Resurrection of the Alien video game franchise, the Aliens die with one shotgun kill in the campaign, the A.I is terrible, (For those of you who do not know, the A.I is the people in the game who are not real people playing, a game mechanic that has been around since the dawn of the video game era.) your teammates always get in your way and it gets so annoying you actually start to hate your teammates more than the Aliens, which should never, ever happen. I usually hate complaining about video game graphics, but this is just ridiculous, this looks like a Playstation 2 game. The multiplayer is just a bland Call of Duty clone, not much to say about it. It really angers me because I was so excited for this game, but disappointment came faster than a freight train. Stay away from this game like the digital disease it is, pretend it is a virus that will infect your video game console if you play it just do not spend any amount of money on this abomination. 0.1/10

How this franchise can improve: Right now for the Alien/Prometheus movies, I really don’t have much, because when Prometheus is all wrapped up, I really don’t want to see more. As for the games, however I have a lot to say. First off, make the game scary, not startling, scary. Have limited ammo, atmospheric scenery, and dark corridors with limited use of a flashlight, also make the aliens hard to kill, and don’t have them all attack at once if there is no escape. When the aliens are easy to kill, the game is not scary at all, so make a couple of magazines in a pulse rifle or about 4 or 5 shotgun blasts to kill them. Also, do not make the human characters bland, stereotypical space marines that we have seen in every form of Aliens media that came out after Aliens. Another rule to follow when making a game based off the Aliens franchise, do not break the rules of the franchise. When an Alien is breaking out of your stomach, you don’t just have minor chest pains, then get on the ground and an alien comes out of you. You fall over start screaming and shaking, until the Alien bursts out of your chest cavity in a gruesome explosion. Also facehuggers do NOT come off until they are done impregnating you. Also, make both the Aliens and the Marines fun to play as, give the marines something different and unique, so it’s not just Call of Duty vs. Aliens, that’s just dumb.

That’s about all I have to say, thank you for reading my editorial and have a good day.