mfhs forensics team 2013The Forensics Team at MFHS might not be the biggest around, but it did show well in Madison for the state festival. Members Heloise C. and Ritika P. both receiving perfect scores in their Oratory rounds. They received gold medals and were top performers at the state level. CJ C. received a 24/25 for a silver all-state medal while performing in the challenging Extemporaneous speaking category. 

After the meet, team members were able to get lunch on State Street just like college students. If you want to learn how to excel at the college level, join Forensics next year. You will improve your public speaking skills, which are useful for job/college interviews and work/college presentations. If you're a good speaker, you will improve. If you're afraid of public speaking, you will get over it. If you're bored and claim there's nothing to do, now you have something almost every Saturday. 

The MFHS Band Concerto Competition took place on Friday, April 19.  A concerto is typically a piece of music that features a soloist accompanied by an ensemble.  The band program concerto competition is an opportunity for all interested band students to prepare an audition with the possibility of performing the winning piece with the MFHS Wind Symphony at the final concert of the year.

This year’s concerto winner is Amy B, an MFHS junior clarinet player.  Amy is principal clarinet of the MFHS Wind Symphony, and also a member of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Senior Symphony and the Youth Wind Orchestra of Wisconsin.  Amy is the first woodwind player to win the contest – every year until now it has been won by a brass player or pianist.  Amy will be performing the third movement from Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto with the MFHS Wind Symphony at our concert on Wednesday, May 29.  

Menomonee Falls is hosting the 3rd annual Relay for Life event on Friday, May 31st from 5pm-11pm at the MF high school track.  This event is held to raise funds for cancer research and provide support to all those who have been affected by cancer.  Last year, Menomonee Falls raised over $19,000!

What is the event?  The event is an evening of activities and entertainment such as  game competitions between teams, theme laps around the track, music by local groups/djs and inspiring stories of those who have overcome cancer.  The event is family and community orientated  so all are encouraged and welcome to come for part or all of the event.  

You can get involved in a few different ways:

  • You can make a team consisting of roughly 8-15 people. Each team will have a  team captain, while the rest of the members can sign up as a team member. It is $10 to sign up and includes a t-shirt to be worn on the day of the event.  
  • Fundraise or donate!  You can raise money for your team or donate to an existing team.

Click here to sign-up or donate!

More information on Relay for Life

If you were unable to see some of the acts at the Thasso Read In this year, we have the videos available in the videos category on this site. 

Find 2013 Thasso Photos here.

Remember, if you want the Thasso Show to exist next year, you might need to get involved in the club. See Mr. Jaeger for info about that. 

If you want videos of the show and a way to see those videos, you might need to join the news writing group. See Mr. Jaeger for that one, too. 

“Seniors may park in the senior parking lot. Parking is on a first come basis. If the lot is full you must park in the stadium lot. All other students must park in the stadium lot. You may NEVER park in the staff lot, visitor spots or in the lot by the tennis courts. If you are found to be in violation of these parking rules, the consequences will be:

  1. A written warning
  2. A police issued parking ticket
  3. Loss of parking privileges with no refund
  4. Vehicle will be ticketed and towed,” a passage from the parking rules.

These rules have been laid out for all students wishing to drive to the high school. Each student must pay an eighty five dollar deposit and sign a contract (parking rules sheet). There is also a temporary parking pass, which costs two dollars and you must park in the stadium lot. Visitor’s parking spots start on the first row of the senior lot, nearest to the high school. Unfortunately, because some seniors park in the visitors spots, visitors have to park in the staff lot. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s started to cause quite a ruckus in the main office.

“It’s just not fair to the students who don’t break the rules. The contract is there for a reason, and students need to abide it,” anonymous.

In cause of these recent events, the staff lot has become a hazardous place as well. A staff member was coming back from lunch when her incident occurred. A parent was parked in the staff lot, ironically right next to the posted sign. After waiting about ten minutes the staff member saw an open spot. But before she could back out, the parent drove by, colliding cars. “I’m not saying the collision wasn’t my fault, but if she wouldn’t have been there, this incident would not have happened,” the staff member said.

“It’s a shame that seniors are taking advantage of their parking privileges. They should know that this puts a bad representation on our school. The kids who do park illegally are just causing more stress for the office staff,” anonymous.

It’s because of seniors who don’t participate in good citizenship that these types of accidents happen. Even though the contract specifically says,

        “Vehicle will be ticketed and towed.”

        The students have expressed no ill feelings about this matter. In fact, the only response has been,

        “I don’t really care, it’s not my problem.”

        There are signs up front telling the students and visitors that they may not park in the staff lot, and yet the problem still occurs. In response to this, there needs to be bigger signs, so that people can see them clearly. Instead of spending money on new materials and spending time trying to make our education better, the administrators need to pay attention to other issues, parking issues.

        It’s unfortunate that not many students care about their schools welfare. The high school administrative team will be the ones in charge of towing cars. It is unfortunate that the administrators are not doing so, because every day, illegal parking occurs. When will they start to follow through with the rules? Unless we take action, the domino effect will keep going. Students park in visitor’s spots, causing visitors to park in the staff lot, thus causing the staff to have parking spots. This is a huge stressor for the office staff, and it needs to end.