It's ironic that I was once (as a teacher) brought into the principal's office at MFHS in order to hear about how my website had a few broken links. The information was being used to demonstrate why I should use the district's website builder rather than one of my own. Ironic because the admins who brought me in knew little about technology and were basically broken links themselves. Also ironic because this website existed as a direct link from Menomonee Falls High School for EXACTLY two years from the day I was told I was no longer needed by the district. Now that's incompetence, or ignorance, but it's not really very good.

This website was provide free for the district and to the students of Menomonee Falls by a dedicated teacher. As an armpit community surrounding Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls neither appreciated this gesture nor the years of impeccable service provided by the teacher. Go ahead and ask how many other teachers were later fired for legitimate reasons. You might also want to ask why the teachers that are in place are there now, since you won't get a decent answer. And as far as administrators are concerned, this website provides a perfect example of their ineptitude: two years, folks. Two years of no one noticing that the website on the MAIN PAGE of MFHS was linking right here. Great job, guys! That's what happens when you have a bunch of coaches and social studies teachers running a school district. 

Anyhow, since the game is up, I really wish you the best with your little vote for more money, and I hope you have fun on unemployment and Badgercare when it does not work out. Stay classy, Menomonee Falls.