According to the SDMF press release, students learned how to use hands-free CPR: "Our high school students were featured on CBS 58 for learning how to do hands-free CPR during our 2nd annual RED OUT event for the American Heart Association."

However, CBS-58 and the video evidence from the event imply that the technique being taught was, in fact, hands-ONLY CPR. Hands-free CPR is basically standing around and watching someone when his or her heart stops, which has generally been proven to be ineffective. The other way to do hands-free CPR would be to tell someone else to do the hands-only CPR you learned about at school. If you decide to pray or use a Harry Potter-inspired incantation, you will also still need your hands.

If hands-free CPR was taught alongside hands-only CPR, we will let you know and will detail how to perform it.