While not all school districts have embraced the Chromebook as a classroom tool, those that have know that Chromebooks are economical, fast, and useful for most of what students will do in the classroom. There is a problem, however, and it's a result of being inexpensive. The screens are very flexible. This means that students can easily bend the screen too much, resulting in a broken screen, and a $50 replacement on a $200 unit.

The best solution we've found is using the Cranium Hard Screen Protector/Whiteboard for 11.6" Acer C720 C720p C740 Chromebook Laptop. While the hard plastic covers can make the Chromebook look cool, those will not protect the screen from flexing. Soft cases add a lot of bulk, and they become optional very quickly for students on the go. Clear plastic film screen protectors are designed only to protect the glass screen, but do nothing to help the strength of the screen.

If you speak to the owner instead of using Amazon, mention code "FALLS" for the best deal.

The Cranium fixes one of the Chromebook's main drawbacks. It's a permanent solution, put on with adhesive. Also, you get an instant whiteboard because the aluminum used to create the Cranium is white, and dry erase markers work on it.

So let's review: with the Cranium, you get the best case/protector for the Acer Chromebook with the added usefulness of a whiteboard. While some school districts enjoy the added security of Windows-based laptops for students, those who know better know that Chromebooks are just as good 99% of the time, and better for high school students in many situations. Yes, your district might have a grant to spend or just likes hiring many extra tech employees, but if you don't have money to burn, get one of the Acer Chromebooks, absolutely install a Cranium on each one, and then use your savings to hire a few good teachers who know how to use them in the classroom.