The Educabana learning community is about to launch, and you have an opportunity to become a charter member. Here's a look at some of the benefits of joining:

  • You will be able to find qualified tutors. If your school district has not renewed the contracts of well-qualified teachers and closed tutoring centers in the school in favor of mass studyhalls, you might need a little extra help. Teachers, former teachers, college students, and those who are simply very proficient in the subject area can be qualified tutors.
  • It's not just academic tutoring. Educabana believes we could use a little help in many of our endeavors. Therefore, it's not just an academic tutoring site, but it's a way to find someone to help you sew that button on, hook up your computer to your living room television, or fix a leaking pipe. Sometimes you need to hire a qualified and insured professional, but sometimes you should hire a teacher so that you can learn how to do the task yourself.
  • We all want to be part of a learning community. You might love to write, and maybe you want to tutor others. However, why not join a group of fellow writers and meet or at least connect and share. Educabana provides an environment for people with similar interests and skills to teach each other when they arrange meetings.
  • Share files. Maybe you're not ready to tutor or get tutored. Educabana allows members to share files with each other, so you could always practice on your own or find a new lesson to use.
  • Freedom of choice. Educabana simply tries to get a teaching and learning community together, but it will be up to the user how to benefit from the service. You can try to save money by hiring qualified tutors for less or by learning along with a service provider. You can make more money than if you were hired by a tutoring agency. You can arrange to meet where it's convenient and safe. You can ask as many questions as you want before you meet. You can pay or get paid with cash, but you can also barter your own skills.