The always popular Thassophobia Read In is currently being planned. Acts are still needed in order to make sure the show is a success. Sign up for acts has been extended until Wednesday, March 26th. However, students who sign up must be able to audition by Thursday, March 3rd. The audition can be done after school in Room 144 or by bringing in a video. 

The show will take place on March 11th during most of the school day: 2nd - 4th hours; 6th - 8th hours. 

With a smaller group signed up, more students may get the chance to perform multiple hours, which has not been the case in recent years. Thassophobia does not turn anyone away. However, priority is given to those who sign up on time, those who perform poetry (or read), and those who demonstrate through the audition that they are ready to impress the audience.