If you are interested in joining a club that will look good on your resume and give your abilities some exposure, stop by on Tuesdays after school in Room 144. The Newswriting club officially meets Tuesdays, but Mr. Jaeger is available at other times. Once you're signed up, you can write articles for this news website whenever you want. You decide how much you want to build into your portfolio. Mr. Jaeger will help with ideas and editing. However, if you want real news to be reported at MFHS, you need to join and write. 


The Newswriting club needs writers, photographers, editors, artists, and even archivists. If you can write it or film it, we've got a place for the content. You can write hard news, soft news, opinion, or even creative writing -- whatever you think others want to read. 

However, keep in mind that if the student body of MFHS wants to have a voice of its own, this is the officially recognized outlet.