mfhs forensics team 2013The Forensics Team at MFHS might not be the biggest around, but it did show well in Madison for the state festival. Members Heloise C. and Ritika P. both receiving perfect scores in their Oratory rounds. They received gold medals and were top performers at the state level. CJ C. received a 24/25 for a silver all-state medal while performing in the challenging Extemporaneous speaking category. 

After the meet, team members were able to get lunch on State Street just like college students. If you want to learn how to excel at the college level, join Forensics next year. You will improve your public speaking skills, which are useful for job/college interviews and work/college presentations. If you're a good speaker, you will improve. If you're afraid of public speaking, you will get over it. If you're bored and claim there's nothing to do, now you have something almost every Saturday.