Part I


It was April 22nd, 2013, location was San Diego California. In the city at the normal location for comic-con, another sort of -con was set up, Quotev-con. The website had millions of members all over the country and all over the world. Many of the authors with either a lot of published stories or good stories and even members with over 500 followers were given plane tickets for a week to San Diego to set up a booth at the convention. Two out of hundreds of people with booths, that were set up next to each other and were actually very good friends on the site. One girl was 14-years-old and from a small community in Wisconsin, The Lonely Whovian, as she was known to her followers and many of her friends. The other young woman was Steven Moffat Incarnate, she was 19-years-old and went to collage in Texas.


The girls had never met each other in person but they had seen what the other looked like thru their profiles. Steven Moffat Incarnate was a tall girl and had very nice ginger hair. And she sat in her booth dressed as the eleventh reincarnation of the Doctor, fez and all. The Lonely Whovian was a little more on the short side yet had shoulder length brown hair and pale skin. She was also dressed up as the Doctor, but in his tenth reincarnation, complete with her glasses that looked exactly like his. The only thing was that the two girls were completely oblivious to the fact that they were set up side by side. That is until Steven Moffat Incarnate got up to go and look around a bit.


The Lonely Whovian was at the time board because no one was really coming over towards her, so she just brought out her laptop and went on Quotev. She was reading one of Steven Moffat Incarnate's stories, which had been updated just the day before, when she heard a squeal come from in front of her.


She looked up and saw a girl dressed up as the eleventh Doctor, then, with the same confused expression that Tennant wore, the Lonely Whovian spoke up.


“Um, hi person I never met before.” she said, very steadily, yet nervously.


“The Lonely Whovian, yeah?” the girl in front of her asked.


“Yup, another Quote-teir, aye?” she replied.


“Yup, Steven Moffat Incarnate.” the girl replied. The Lonely Whovian's jaw dropped and she was shocked before she too, squealed. Jumping up she brought out her sonic, which was elevens, but it was the only one she owned and pointed it at the other whovian. The two girls laughed at the fact that the two of them were finally getting to meet each other in person for the first time!


“So, what can I call you, 'cause 'Steven Moffat Incarnate' is kinda long and a little awkward to keep repeating.” The Lonely Whovian asked.


“Call me Chrissy, and what can I call you?” Chrissy replied.


“I'm Izabelle, but call me Izzi or something like that.” she stated.


“Can I call you Belles?” Chrissy asked.


“Sure, but why Belles?” Izzi retorted.


“Cause your voice sounds like belles when you laugh.” Chrissy stated 'as-a-matter-of-factually'. Belles laughed at this and the two launched into a conversation about the latest Doctor Who episodes. Eventually bringing up Impossible Astronaut Day, which was the current day.


“So, Chrissy, are you partaking in the tally marking?” Belles asked her newly found whovian friend.


“Yes, I am. I mean why wouldn't I? Eleven is one of my favorites and is the love interest in many of my fan fictions, so I'm going to honor his 'death'.” Chrissy explained. Belles nodded and rolled up the sleeves of her suite coat to show the tally marks that decorated her arms that she had made earlier that day with her mothers eye liner that she was allowed to borrow.


“Nice work, none on the face?” Chrissy commented, proudly sporting the black tally marks that decorated her own face.


“Nope, mom wouldn't let me. She told me only my arms and hands, any where else and no Doctor Who or Quotev for a month.” Belles answered, hanging her head slightly. Truly, she was a little bit caged, or so she felt, her parents dictating every aspect of her life when it came to school and her own free time.


Chrissy nodded, understanding where the younger girl was coming from. Sometimes you just can't do what you want because your parents tell you no. Chrissy gave the girl a small smile and a pat on the shoulder before standing up and stretching her legs.


“You wanna go and get a snack from the concession stand, or we could go across the street to the speed way and grab some snacks.” Belles suggested.


“Yeah, that sounds cool.” the older girl replied with a small smile gracing her features. The two of them started to head for the front entrance. On their way there, the two girls were stopped by security.


“Sorry girls, but you can't come this way.” one security guard said.


“Um, why not?” Belles said timidly.


“There's a security check thing going on.” the guard mumbled. Both Belles and Chrissy's faces matched that of a disbelieving Doctor's. Chrissy looked back at the man, a challenging face.


“How do we know your not just lying to our faces?” she questioned.


“Yeah, and what kind of security guard doesn't know what type of security check is going on?” Belles added, trying to sound a little braver than she actually felt.


“Well, um you see there's a thing and it's not-”


“Quite the lies mister, it's obvious your making this up.” Belles said, pushing past the man. Chrissy, watched the girl with a little wonder and pride as she also pushed past the man.


“Nice going back there.” Chrissy said.


“Thanks, I just pretended I was Sherlock Holmes, the BBC version, and just sort of let loose.” Belles said, scratching the back of her neck. The two girls smiled at one another before catching a glimpse of something out of the ordinary in the corner of their eyes.


Now any normal person would have ignored it, but these two girls were Whovians, and the Doctor has proven more than once that the little things in our peripheral vision are sometimes the most important. Chrissy and Belles stopped short and turned their heads to the right. There in the corner was a blue police box.


“Did you see that when you came in this morning?” Chrissy asked the girl standing next to her, who was still staring at the box.


“No, did you?”


“Nu-uh.” The two girls looked at each other for a brief moment before smiles etched into their features and they ran towards the box. Chrissy held onto her fez and Belles had her trench coat flying out behind her. The door to the box opened while they were running and a man with floppy brown hair and a bow tie stepped out.


The man's eyes were a deep brown and old with the wisdom greater than Yoda. His face a angular yet soft and kind. He stood taller that Belles, but shorter that Chrissy and he sported a tweed jacket with suspenders and loafers, and of course dress pants or trousers to the Brits.


The girls stopped short upon seeing the man. The smiles that they wore only grew as the two of them took off once more and they slowed to a stop in front of him.


The man looked a little bewildered as he looked back and forth between the two females that stood in front of him, grinning grins that would put the Cheshire cat to shame. He then took into account what they were wearing. The taller of the two wore an outfit similar to his own, except with a feminine touch, while the shorter one wore a costume similar to that of his previous regeneration.


“Alright, who are you two?” he asked.


“I'm Chrissy.” the taller, and obviously older girl stated.


“And I'm Izabelle, but Chrissy calls me Belles.” the shorter, and by default, younger female said. The man looked at the two for a moment before clearing his throat.


“Well, Chrissy and Belles, lovely names for two lovely girls. My name is the Doctor.” the man stated with a proud look on his face. The girl's jaws dropped and they just stared at him in a state of shock for a second. Belles was the first to recover and pinched Chrissy.


“Ouch!” Chrissy hissed, “What was that for?”


Chrissy then pinched he younger girl back. Belles didn't flinch, but rubbed her arm where Chrissy had pinched her before replying to her friend.


“I was making sure you and I weren't dreaming, which we aren't because it hurt when you pinched me and vice versa.”


“Oh, well, smart.” Chrissy said. The Doctor looked at the two of them for a moment, a little dumbfounded.


“Well, if that's all, it was nice meeting the two of you.” the Doctor said, still dumbfounded as to why Belles thought they might have been dreaming.


“Wait!” Chrissy said as he started to turn away.


“Why are you here?” Belles asked him as he looked at the two over his shoulder.


“Isn't it obvious?” he asked, “ I'm here for comic-con!”


“But comic-con isn't for another two months.” Belles said, a little confused, yet also going into her original state of shyness. Chrissy detected the tone and put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.


“Really? That's strange, what's this then?” the Doctor asked.


“Quotev-con. It's a convention for all of the members of the website Quotev.” Chrissy explained.


“Really? That's not really interesting at all.” the Doctor said, a small frown on his face.


“Quotev is awesome don't disrespect all of the authors and amazing people on the site!” Belles scolded, shrinking behind Chrissy. The Doctor may be her hero, but she was still a little insecure around new people, even if it was him.


“I wasn't meaning any disrespect, I was just saying that this doesn't sound too interesting.” he retorted.


“It is too interesting!” Chrissy said.


“Really? Are there any celebrities or REAL famous people?”


“Well.. um-” Chrissy was cut off by Belles, who seemed to have gained some confidence with her annoyance at the Doctor.


“Of course there is, celebrities of Quotev, much like Chrissy and myself were asked to set up booths to talk to the people who read out stories and like them. Also the founders of the site invited Steven Moffat, J.K. Rowling, Holly Black, Mark Gatiss and lots of other famous authors and TV idols.” Belles said proudly, remembering some of the names from the pamphlet that was sent to her in the mail.


“Oh.” the Doctor said, sounding a little guilty that he had disregarded the convention that was clearly very important to the two females in front of him.


“Yeah, and don't talk down upon something you don't know about.” Chrissy added. Belles nodded and then gave Chrissy a small smile before turning back to the Doctor.


Opening her mouth, Belles was only able to mutter a syllable before the lights went out for a split second and then switched back on. The three of them looked at each other, the Doctor's face was indifferent, while Chrissy and Belles' faces held excited grins.


“I'm going to check out what that was, forget the snack, this might just be the only adventure I'll get in the rest of my boring life.” Belles said, walking towards the stairwell that was located right next to the front entrance.


“Are you going after her?” the Doctor asked, looking at a very shocked Chrissy.


One moment Belles was all shy and timid, the next she was going on about how she never lives. The young girl was certainly bringing a little bit of a mix-up into Chrissy's life, but she enjoyed it. She saw Belles like a little sister and she was hoping that Belles saw her as a sister as well.


“Of course, are you? I mean, your a full grown adult, she's only fourteen. Not even old enough to drive, shouldn't you make sure she stays safe?” Chrissy retorted running after Belles who had reached the stairwell door and was looking back at the two new people in her life, tapping her foot impatiently as if knowing they were absolutely going to follow her.


“Well then, wait for me!” the Doctor yelled, running after the two girls. He found a connection to the both of them, he felt a little happier now that he had met them.


Ever since Amy and Rory had been sent back by the weeping Angels he had been trying to find a way to cheer up, but there wasn't really any way that he could. Clara was a good distraction for a while, but then it just got old. Once she left, he was on his own once more and now here they were, two young girls, careful yet carefree and full of life, just ready to get anything that came their way.


The three of them together descended the stairs towards the basement and towards the control panel for the whole convention center. In the front was Belles, whom was eager to get her first taste of adventure, then was the Doctor, trying to keep up with the 14-year-old whovian who seemed like a mini him in his previous regeneration's clothes, and following the both of them was Chrissy, keeping an eye on Belles to make sure she didn't get hurt and making sure the Doctor didn't try and wonder off with out the two of them.


Reaching the last set of stairs, Belles hopped onto the railing and slid down the banister and landed on her feet. She turned around and looked at the two grown ups (in her mind) that were following her. She looked ahead in the tunnel and motioned them forwards.


The Doctor came first and went in front of the youngest member of their little group and then Chrissy came up behind and nudged Belles to follow the Time Lord that didn't know what they knew about him.


“I think the control panel is just ahead.” Chrissy told the Doctor, who nodded in response. The trio came across a gray metal box mounted on the wall. The Doctor pulled out his sonic and opened up the box before he started scanning the controls. Chrissy watched the sonic in amazement, just then knowing that he was the real Doctor. Belles looked at Chrissy, who was mesmerized by the sonic device, and then slowly started backing up.


Once a safe distance away, she turned and ran, looking for any signs of Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians (or homoreptilia), Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Ice Warriors, or even Silence. It might have just been because of an episode of Doctor Who, which is supposedly made up, but Belles had always carried a black washable marker and a sharpie in her pocket since finding out about the Silence in the first two episodes of season six.


Belles opened up any and every door she could that wasn't locked. The last door in the hallway she was in was locked.


“Vot damn it!” she whisper yelled. Belles was never very religious, but she liked the phrases they had used in the show. Sighing, Belles turned around and saw a pale skinned alien that had wrinkles all over it's face. It wore a black dress suite and black dress shoes, it's hands had only three long boney fingers. Belles backed up into the door before grabbing one of the two markers that were in her pocket. Pulling the cap off she lifted up her hand to her face so that she could see the Silence and her hand at the same time. 'Silence in the basement of convention center.' then she turned her hand around and made one tally mark on her hand. She used her peripheral vision to try and find any other Silence, but there was only the one in front of her.


“What do you want?” she asked, a little frightened. She looked the thing up and down for a moment before it replied.


“You will tell the Doctor what you know, you will tell Chrissy what you know.” it replied to her, the weird noise that Moffat had used on the show at the beginning and end of the Silence dialogue sounding true.


“What is it that I know that they need to know?” she asked, knowing it didn't mean mentioning itself to the other two.


“You will tell them about the dream.” it said and it walked away, draining the electricity from the lights and shutting them off. They turned back on a moment later and Belles had no idea what happened. She looked down at her hands and saw the marker and the black tally mark. Stuffing the marker in her pocket she caught a glimpse of her palm.


Lifting the hand to her face she read the words that she had written only moments ago. Her eyes widened as she remembered a dream she had had only two nights prior to the current event.


Walking around in the basement of somewhere Belles tried a door, but it turned out to be locked.


“Vot damn it!” she whisper yelled. Sighing, Belles turned around and saw a pale skinned alien that had wrinkles all over it's face. It wore a black dress suite and black dress shoes, it's hands had only three long boney fingers.


Belles backed up into the door before grabbing one of the two markers that were in her pocket. Pulling the cap off she lifted up her hand to her face so that she could see the Silence and her hand at the same time.


'Silence in the basement of convention center.' then she turned her hand around and made one tally mark on her hand. She used her peripheral vision to try and find any other Silence, but there was only the one in front of her.


“What do you want?” she asked, a little frightened. She looked the thing up and down for a moment before it replied.


“You will tell the Doctor what you know, you will tell Chrissy what you know.” it replied to her, the weird noise that Moffat had used on the show at the beginning and end of the Silence dialogue sounding true.


“What is it that I know that they need to know?” she asked, knowing it didn't mean mentioning itself to the other two.


“You will tell them about the dream.” it said and it walked away, draining the electricity from the lights and shutting them off. They turned back on a moment later and Belles had no idea what happened. She looked down at her hands and saw the marker and the black tally mark. Stuffing the marker in her pocket she caught a glimpse of her palm. She read the note and then there was a white light as if she were dead.


That was where her dream had ended. Belles, now indefinitely frightened, started running back down the hall towards the Doctor and Chrissy.


“Doctor! Chrissy! Guys!” Belles shouted, running down the halls of the convention center. Rounding a corner she slammed into someone (or something's) chest. Looking up, Belles took the marker out of her pocket again and made four more tally marks and ran down the hall again shouting for the Doctor and Chrissy.


The Doctor had finished his scan on the wiring and had found nothing, not a single clue as to why that happened. Looking over at Chrissy he found Belles to be gone.


“Where's Belles?” he asked a now confused Chrissy.


“I don't know, I thought she was right behind me.” Chrissy replied, looking around for the younger girl whom she had become close to over tons of Quotev messaging and talking here at the convention.


“Well, it's best if we start looking for her.” the Doctor suggested. Chrissy nodded and they started walking down the hall that they had came from. Finding nothing they wondered about hoping to run into her. After ten minutes or so they heard some one shouting. The two of them glanced at each other before ginning like a mad man and woman. They clasped each others hands and took off running towards the shouts.


Rounding a corner Belles ran right past the two of them as if she were running from something. Chrissy rolled her eyes and whistled rather loudly,


“Belles, over here!” she called afterwords to the young girl. Belles stopped short and turned around and ran back to them. Belles seemed to be, at that moment, a little girl who was scared of monsters that might be hiding under her bed.


Chrissy understood that she might have seen something and hugged her as well. She sat there for a moment trying to calm the young Whovian down. She took a step back and saw a few tears on Belles' face. Chrissy's brow creased and the Doctor beat her to the Dalek and spoke first.


“What's wrong? What happened? And more importantly, why did you run off? You shouldn't have done that, you could have been killed! Do you know how dangerously stupid that was?” he scolded Belles who now was looking down at her red converse clad feet.


“I'm sorry. I just wanted to be like you and investigate a few things. I thought I could help, I wanted to prove to myself and to others that I'm not just a weak and spineless kid.” She muttered. Her voice cracked and broke here and there and, from what Chrissy could tell, the girl whom Chrissy felt was like a sister was just about ready to cry.


“Well I'm not a very good role model, and you would have helped us even more by just staying with us.” the Doctor said once more, still sounding like a parent scolding their child.


“I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I figured out what caused the electricity failure earlier and just a little while ago.” Belles said looking up, but not looking the Doctor or Chrissy in the eyes.


“And? What did you find?” Chrissy asked, trying to get the information and at the same time trying to show the girl she was just as important as her favorite fictional character.


“I found five members of the Silence. One spoke to me, and it was just like a dream I had a couple of nights ago. Then last night I-” the Doctor cut her off.


“It spoke to you! What did it say?” he questioned.


“He or it told me to tell the both of you the dreams I've had lately.” Belles said, looking Chrissy in the eye.


“Alright, go on. I promise, no interruptions.” she said, placing one of her hands over the Doctor's mouth, knowing he would try and protest.


“Alright, well the first one was when the Silence talked to me. The dream went like this. Walking around in the basement of somewhere I tried a door, but it turned out to be locked.


“'Vot damn it!' I whisper yelled. Sighing, I turned around and saw a pale skinned alien that had wrinkles all over it's face. It wore a black dress suite and black dress shoes, it's hands had only three long boney fingers.


“I backed up into the door before grabbing one of the two markers that were in my pocket. Pulling the cap off I lifted up my hand to my face so that I could see the Silence and my hand at the same time.


“ 'Silence in the basement of convention center.' then I turned my hand around and made one tally mark on my hand. I used my peripheral vision to try and find any other Silence, but there was only the one in front of me.


“'What do you want?' I asked, a little frightened. I looked the thing up and down for a moment before it replied.


“'You will tell the Doctor what you know, you will tell Chrissy what you know.' it replied to me, the weird noise that Moffat had used on the show at the beginning and end of the Silence dialogue sounding true.


“'What is it that I know that they need to know?' I asked, knowing it didn't mean mentioning itself to the other two.


“'You will tell them about the dream.' it said and it walked away, draining the electricity from the lights and shutting them off. They turned back on a moment later and I had no idea what happened. I looked down at my hands and saw the marker and the black tally mark. Stuffing the marker in my pocket I caught a glimpse of my palm. I read the note and then there was a white light as if I were dead.”


Chrissy looked at the young girl before the Doctor motioned for Belles to continue.


“What else Belles, you said something about another dream before the Doctor opened his mouth.” Chrissy said, ignoring the look that Doctor had given her, acting as if she were her character, Horatia.


“Well, last night I had another dream and it was a little creepy, to me at least.” Belles said, scratching the back of her neck as if she were trying to hide something. Again the Doctor motioned for her to continue.


“Well, I was sitting outside the convention center hugging my parents and you two walked over to me hand in hand. Chrissy had held her hand out to me and I stepped away from my parents and grabbed her hand. The scene then shifted to the TARDIS and the Doctor was flying her through the time vortex when he stopped and the two of you look at each other before looking back at me.


“'Izabelle, you're not who you think you are. You are someone entirely different.' the Doctor had said to me.


“'What do you mean? I'm me.' I replied. Chrissy looked at me with some form of regret before standing up and walking over to me.


“'You have to open the watch that's hanging around your neck Belles.' she said to me. I looked down at the watch that I wore under my button up shirt and pulled it out. I looked at it for a moment and heard a voice whispering at me.


“'Melody you have to open the watch.' the Doctor told me. I looked up at him confused still and then I opened the watch and the room just became golden. Then I woke up this morning.”


The Doctor looked at Izabelle wide eyed before removing Chrissy's hand from his mouth.


“And the dream about the Silence came true, correct?” he asked her.


“Yes, but I'm not sure this one will.” Belles replied, tracing the chain around her neck.


“Why not? You are wearing a watch necklace, aren't you?” Chrissy asked, wondering if the young girl had dreamed she was a time lord in disguise.


“Well, I opened the watch this morning because I thought that the dream was that I was a Time Lord, but nothing happened, no whispers, no golden dust stuff, nothing. Nada, zip, zero, zilch.” Belles said in disappointment.


“Well sometimes they go into hibernation for so long that only certain things can awaken it and bring it to whisper to it's body.” the Doctor said. Chrissy nodded and then hugged Belles before they all went back up to the main level to try and sort the situation out and get something to eat for all of them. This one was going to be tricky.











Part 2



The three companions sat back at he booths that were assigned to Chrissy and Belles, whom had just got done talking to many fan's. The Doctor took a bite of a jammy dodger from the package he had saved in his coat pocket.


“So, we know the Silence are here and that they wanted Belles to tell us her dreams, but why would they want us to know that?” Chrissy questioned. She was still trying to comprehend the fact that there were Silence in the building and they had the Doctor sitting in between her's and Belles' booths eating jammy dodgers.


“Well, maybe it had something to do with the Doctor being here.” Belles started, “They could be looking for our counterparts in his universe when they came here with the Doctor by mistake.”


“Maybe, but I don't think this is even a different universe.” the Doctor stated.


“Well it has to be, but it has the same temporal energy that the TARDIS soaks up in your universe.” Belles retorted taking off her prescription glasses and rubbing the bridge of her nose.


“Possible, but improbable.” the Doctor mumbled, sticking a whole jammy dodger in his mouth at once. Chrissy took off her fez and placed it on the table in front of her. The Doctor eyed the fez for a moment before dropping his shoulders.


“What?” Chrissy asked, seeing his slumped figure.


“The fez.” he replied quietly, looking at the ground. Chrissy chuckled and tossed the red hat to him. He quickly regained his posture and placed the fez on his head with a look of pride. Belles laughed at him before checking her watch.


“Oh, shoot!” Belles said, jumping out of her seat and putting her glasses back on her face.


“What? What are you doing?” the Doctor asked, slightly confused and worried. The young girl grabbed her shoulder bag that looked like the TARDIS before turning back to the two adults.


“I've gotta go, there's a panel that I was invited to speak at, the 'Doctor Who Fan-Writers' panel. If I don't book it I'll be late!” Belles replied taking off down the convention hall to the south region where the panel would take place. Chrissy then jumped up and grabbed her fez and bag as well and followed after her, the Doctor hot on their heels.


“I've gotta spot there too!” Chrissy thought, for she had totally forgotten about it while she was with the Doctor. Making a mad dash for back stage, Belles and Chrissy quickly got their name tags and were told what was going to happen. The girls, along with four other authors, were going to be asked questions about themselves, their stories and their current ideas and works.


The two girls were seated next to each other as the curtains rose and a man with thinning gray hair walked out onto the stage, Only the mouths of Chrissy and Belles dropped, along with a few others here and there. Standing before the girls was the one, the only, Steven Moffat, the current producer of Doctor Who.


“Hello fellow Whovians, Sherlockians and just fans of Science-Fiction in general! I would like to welcome this amazing panel of authors from the wonderful site you all know as Quotev!” Moffat said into the microphone, which resulted in a huge wave of applause and shouts of joy from the audience.


“This panel includes DoctorAbiSmith, Teddy Holmes, Amelia Brighton, TheMadWriter, Morph, Doctor Boufur Winchester-Holmes, Highly Functioning Fangirl, The Lonely Whovian and Steven Moffat Incarnate!” he yelled, fist pumping the mic into the air. Once again, the crowd erupted in applause and cheer for us all.


“Before we start accepting questions from all of you, there is one question and a compliment I have for two authors.” Moffat began. Both Chrissy's and Belles' faces went blank with happiness. Their hero when it came to writing maybe had a question/ compliment for one of them, maybe.


“Steven Moffat Incarnate, yes I have read your stories, and I have to say what you write, when it comes to you Doctor Who fan fictions, is incredible! You most certainly are my equal when it comes to the writing platform!” he said into the microphone. “and the Lonely Whovian.”


“Yes?” Belles squeaked into her mic sitting in front of her.


“How do you come up with the ideas you do for your fan fictions, Sherlock and Doctor Who alike?” Moffat asked.


“Um, I just imagine myself in the show and what I would do, coming up with different scenarios and adventures and how I would handle them if I acted one way or another.” Belles answered simply.


“Extraordinary! Well, extraordinary work the both of you have, keep it up. All of you are wonderful writers. Now, do we have any questions from the audience?”



∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑ ∑


About an hour later the two girls had finally been released from the panel. Both had shaken Steven Moffat's hand and acquired his business card. Each girl also took a picture with him and hand him sign it before he had to go. The girls now headed back towards the convention room where their booths were located to find the Doctor.


During the time the girls were in the panel, the Doctor went off exploring, trying to find some sort of clue as to what was happening. The first this the time lord did was go to the security desk.


“Hello!” he said to the man behind the desk. The man wore a blue uniform and sported a shiny silver name tag with the name Charles.


“Afternoon sir, can I help you?” Charles said.


“Yes,” the Doctor replied, taking out his trusty psychic paper, “I need a list of every person that was invited.”


“Of course Director Smith. If you'll just wait a moment, the list is just in the back.” Charles said, pointing at the door behind him.


“Oh, I can get it myself if you just unlock the door.” the Doctor said, walking around the desk towards the door.


“Of course sir. Right away.” Charles replied, taking a key from his key ring and inserting it in the lock. With a turn of the hand, Charles opened the door for, who he thought was, the head of security.


“Much obliged Charles!” the Doctor said, disappearing into the back room. Charles nodded and shut the door behind the Doctor, after that Charles took his walkie talkie from his waist and raised to his mouth and spoke, “The Time Lord is in position, ready the order.”


The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and opened up the top drawer of the first file cabinet in front of him. Inside were the files of each and every one of the security guards in the building. Opening up the first file he saw, reading through it quickly and then picking up a second and then another and another. The Doctor then dropped the file that he currently held in his hands. Each of the files contained the exact same information.


The Doctor opened up the second drawer and pulled out the first file. It was titled 'Master Plan'. Who is stupid enough to put that somewhere that publicly, the Doctor thought.


He opened up the file and it had different screen names and pictures of girls and other things. Quickly skimming through the information, the Doctor stopped when he saw Chrissy's and Belles' pictures and information. All of the people in the folder had a connection to him, and they were all labeled 'to be destroyed'.


“The Doctor couldn't believe his eyes, nor did he want to, but he had to. The door behind him creaked open and he turned around, coming face to face with a Silence.


“Oh, come back into my life have you?” the Doctor asked, a little pissed off at this point mind you.


“You must leave Doctor. Leave the females to us.” it responded.


“What, leave the two girls that actually understand anything about what I do to be 'taken care of'?” he retorted.


“Yes, now go.” the Silence replied.


“No, why do they need to die, tell me, I order you to tell me right now!” he screamed.


“Dalek Sec was right.” it whispered. The Doctor's body stiffened. How long had these things been following him? How did they know about Dalek Sec and his last regeneration.


“No, tell me now!” he said with a little fire still left in his voice.


“They must die because they know too much, only two shall be, as your old foe says, exterminated.” the Silence member said before turning and leaving the room.


The second it was out of the Doctors sight he forgot, he then turned back and cleaned up his mess. Locking the cabinets back up, the Doctor said a thank you to Charles and was on his way.


The Doctor then went over towards a souvenir stand that was selling merchandise to promote Quotev. He bought a bracelet that said 'Quotev Member' and then two more, one with Belles' screen name (The Lonely Whovian), and the other with Chrissy's screen name (Steven Moffat Incarnate). He put the rubber bracelets in his pocket before he spotted the two girls. Recalling the files he found he called out to them.


“Chrissy! Belles! Over Here!” The girls turned their heads to find the Doctor over by a souvenir stand. Belles shook her head as Chrissy just smiled at him before walking over. Belles followed closely to Chrissy, getting a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach.


“What did you find Doctor?” Chrissy asked, putting her autographed Steven Moffat picture in her shoulder bag.


“I think I might have figured out why the Silence is here.” he said, a grim look in his eyes.


“Well, what is it Doctor?” Belles asked, getting a little impatient.


“Well it seems that this is another universe for me and the Silence have come here to stop some of the authors from writing me out of Trensalor and the fall of the eleventh.” he said, scratching the back of his neck.


“Wait, but I have a story that I'm currently in the middle of where your fighting in the fields of Trensalor.” Belles said. Chrissy looked at the younger girl, shocked, wondering why she hadn't read that fan fiction yet.


“Then they might be after you.” the Doctor said grimly.


“What about me, all my stories take place after Trensalor and all of that, but they all have you, not another regeneration.” Chrissy said, wondering if she might be in danger as well.


“No, if you don't have anything written about how I escape Trensalor, then your safe. Though they might go after you just because you write so much of my future.” the Doctor sighed, running a hand through his already messy hair.


“But why would they want to hurt her for coming up with a fan fiction?” Belles asked.


“I'm not sure!” he yelled at her. Belles shrunk back, obviously frightened at the Doctors strange outburst of anger.


“There is no need to yell.” Belles whispered before turning around and walking off. Now normally she wasn't the kind of girl to take something without fighting back a little, even if she had only flipped the person off, but the Doctor was her hero and she was heart-broken that he had done something she never thought he would.


“Belles! Wait, I'm-” the Doctor was cut off by Chrissy's hand on his shoulder. He looked over to her and she shook her head side to side as a no.


“She needs to cool off and you do as well.” she said. The Doctor's shoulders slumped realizing that he had hurt the young girl's feelings.


He knew she looked up to him, he knew that he was important to her in some way and that he was supposed to be everything that she imagined, but that image was shattered when he yelled at her.


Chrissy knew that Belles saw the Doctor as a hero, but she also knew that the Doctor would never be the perfect person, he had his flaws and one of those flaws was his anger management skill.


“Maybe I should talk to her.” Chrissy suggested. The Doctor nodded, rubbing his face with his hands, thinking everything he knew over to find something different in the information.


In the mean while, Belles had gone back to her booth and taken down her be back soon sign and was ready to talk to her fans again. Ten people came up to her and asked her a few questions that they didn't have the guts to during the panel.


“So, miss Lonely Whovian,” a boy who looked to be about 16 maybe 17 started, “Are you single?”


Belles was a little disgusted at the look on the older boy's face and was defiantly not interested.


“Sorry fella, but I've got a man back in Wisconsin waiting for me.” she replied, patting the top of his head like a dog. The boy sulked, as did his two friends that came with him.


A six more fans came up and asked her more personal questions like her favorite color or some of her favorite songs and stuff she hadn't put on her 'about me' page on the site.


The final person of the ten that made a line looked to be an older woman with curly yellow hair that was like gold. It fell around her shoulders and she had a black fedora on her head along with a brown trench coat hiding the rest of her clothes from sight. She wore black sun glasses and a pair of tall and sleek black stilettos.


“I have some information for the Doctor, Horatia and River Song II.” she whispered, making her voice a bit deeper.


“I'm sorry, but those name belong to fictional characters, not real people.” Belles said, remembering one of the short stories she wrote containing a character whom was the daughter of River Song and Jack Harkness she named River Song II.


“No they aren't. Take this file and only show it to Horatia and the Doctor. Remember this Melody.” the woman said, sliding a manilla folder across the table with the words top secret printed in bold red letters on top before turning and leaving.


Belles watched the woman before taking the file from the table and skimming it over, reading bits and pieces of information here and there. It was all about the Silence and some of the stuff they were planning to do. It only had two names that she recognized, her own and Chrissy's. A little worried, Belles closed the file and shook her head, putting it in her bag. Another person came up quickly, dragging their friend along with him. The person was a man, dragging another man with him. They both looked familiar to her. One had shorter light brown hair and a mole on his face and the other had hair that was sort of sticky uppy and all over the place with a sort of five-o'clock shadow.


“Oh My Gosh! Your the Lonely Whovian!” the man who had dragged the other over.


“No, Charlie, she's Anon Awesome Mus, I watch her videos on YouTube.” the man who was dragged retorted.


“Actually your both right, I'm the Lonely Whovian on Quotev and I'm Anon Awesome Mus on everything else.” Belles said.


For a second she was in slow motion as a light bulb went off in her head. The two, fully grown, men in front of her were Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike) and Alex Day (Nerimon), two of Belles favorite YouTube celebrities! Never had she ever thought that she would get to meet them, nor that they were fans of her!


With her mouth wide open she stated a simple and idioticly obvious statement, “You Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell!”


“Yes we are, and we are huge fans of you, can we have your autograph? Me Anon, him Lonely Whovian?” Alex asked her.


Recovering from her shock Belles quickly said, “Only if I can have your guys' autographs.” as she pulled out her Nerimon drawing and her copy of Charlie's album, This is Me.


“Deal.” The two boys said at once. Alex pulled out a 'Keep Calm and I Don't Care' Anon Awesome Mus t-shirt and Charlie produced a printed copy of Belles' Charlie McDonnell fan-fiction.


“You read my fan-fic about you?” Belles asked him, an eyebrow raised and a similar look of the tenth Doctor taking over her facial features.


“Yes, I liked it, so did Alex and Dan and Phil and everyone else I made read it.” he said, blushing a bit.


“Even Brily Bishop?” she asked in a teasing manner.


“Yep, she said that it was a good plot and she was fine with the fan-fiction with out her.” Charlie said as Belles signed the paper with both her real name and her screen name.


“That's nice to hear. Have either of you read my other stories?” she asked.


“Yeah, I've read all of them.” Charlie said, “You have good story lines. You just need to update more often and maybe adjust a few things here or there with the way you write them.”


“Good to know.” Belles said with a thoughtful look on her face.


“Yeah, I’ve read a couple of them. Your a good author and a good YouTuber.” Alex commented.


“Thanks guys, but I hardly compare to anyone as big as yourselves.” she said, taking the time to carefully write Anon Awesome Mus on the t-shirt with out smudging the ink all over the fabric.


“Are you kidding!” both the boys retorted, “You are Awesome-Mus!”


The three of them had a good laugh about that and conversed for a little while longer, exchanging e-mails, twitters and phone numbers. Belles was beaming happy (mostly because she finally found out what was going on with Chameleon Circuit, her favorite band that included the two men in front of her.) and was glad to be making two new friends and meeting a couple of her idols as well.


Belles saw Chrissy in the corner of her eye and thought about what happened earlier, becoming sad quickly, but then regaining her happy composition. Chrissy walked towards Belles' booth and saw her masking her sadness while talking to her followers.


Chrissy smiled slightly to herself. Belles was a good person and an even greater Whovian, she showed her true self when she doesn't know and masks herself when she doesn't mean to. Chrissy thought that she was really just a girl trying to fight the world and make an effort in doing what she loves. She approached Belles and gave her a look that said they needed to talk.


“OK, one sec Chrissy.” Belles said turning to the person that was in front of her at the moment. Belles waved bye to the person and then flipped up the 'Going for an adventure in the TARDIS' sign she had made.


The two girls sat off to the side of the booths, somewhat secluded from the fans. Belles took a water bottle from her bag and opened it up, taking a swig before facing Chrissy.


“You know that the Doctor isn't what we all want him to be, right?” Chrissy asked the young girl, whom she thought was a little scared to be who she really is.


“I know, the Doctor isn't going to be the perfect man, nor will he ever be anything more than what he is now. He has flaws and I understand that. At first I was just frightened.” Belles said, looking down at her converse, which she had decorated with her sharpies two years prior to this day.


“Why though? When most people have an outburst you seem like the person to yell back.” Chrissy questioned.


“It's a personal thing. I have my reasons why I do things and it's my business and no one else's” Belles mumbled. Chrissy nodded her head and looked around the room. Her mind going over plenty of things.


“Chrissy,” Belles started, “I have a theory of sorts. It's just a hypothesis, but I might be right:”


“What is it?” Chrissy's attention now fully focused on the girl in front of her.


“First we need to find the Doctor. Oh vot, I love being able to say that and know that he's actually her in the same building.” Belles said.


Chrissy chuckled before she stood up. Belles followed her lead and the two set off to find the Time Lord.


Meanwhile, the Doctor had been sitting in the same place, going back to when Chrissy went to find Belles, he watched her walk away, trying to remember something about her. There was something about both Chrissy and Belles that was very, and I mean very familiar about the both of them to this time lord.


He then shifted his gaze to his TARDIS, which was in his sight. His head tilted to the side as he began thinking in that way Time Lords always think, twelve times faster than any human brain could think. There were facts that he had,but none made sense when put together. He kept thinking it over and over, trying to come up with any and every possible scenario.


The Doctor shifted his gaze to the security desk, where Charles was sitting and doing his work. Something was off about that man and the Doctor could sense it, he just couldn't tell what. He looked a little closer and noticed something that wasn't there before, a perception filter.


Once the Doctor knew it was there he was able to see through it and upon Charles the security guard’s left eye was one of those weird eye patch things that Madame Kovaria wore in order to keep her information on the Silence. He gasped and realized that the reason the guards information was all the same was because they were all past members from Demons Run, all improved and pledged to the Silence.


“Oh, oh no.” he whispered to himself. He had once again found people who grew close to him and now they would be taken from him. The Doctor still had a nagging thought in the back of his head that the two girls were very familiar, but he just couldn't place it. He put the thought on the back burner for the time being and stood up to go and find Belles to apologize.


“Doctor! Over here!” the Doctor turned to find Chrissy and Belles waving their hands at him in urgency. The Doctor, who had been frowning a small bit, brightened up a bit when he saw the girls.


“Chrissy! Belles!” he said, running over to them and hugging the both of them. He planted a small kiss on the top of Belles' head and a kiss on Chrissy's cheek (not just because she was taller).


“I am so sorry Belles, I didn't mean to yell at you. I really am truly sorry and this comes from the heart, by the way, count them.” the Doctor said, hugging the small girl tightly, planting another kiss on the top of her head.


“It's fine Doctor, I was just a little frightened that's all.” Belles said, happy that the Doctor apologized to her. Thinking about it, she had never heard the Doctor apologize to anyone before, so it was a special moment for her.


Chrissy was happy the two made up, but something curled in the pit of her stomach that made her hate Belles just a smidgen. Though most people would classify it as jealousy, Chrissy dismissed the thought of being jealous of the younger girl.


“OK, Belles, you said you had an idea about what was going on here.” Chrissy said, now thinking she may be just a tiny bit jealous of how long they were hugging.


“Oh, right, yes.” Belles said, pushing the Doctor back and reaching into her bag for the file the strange woman had given her. Instead of pulling out the file first, Belles pulled out her copy of Melody Malone by Justin Richards. She was about to put it back in her bag when something clicked when she saw the cover.


“Wait a second.” Belles muttered under her breath. The wheels in her head could be heard and seen turning as the young Whovian stared at the cover. Black fedora, trench coat that hid other articles of clothing from sight and a pair of black sun glasses and yellow curly hair like gold. The woman that gave her the file was one of two people in Belles' mind; A) River Song aka Melody Pond or B) Alex Kingston.


“What does this have to do with a book used on the show?” Chrissy asked, slightly confused.


“Nothing, here hold this for me.” Belles said, coming out of her trance and handing the book to the Doctor. Belles reached back into her bag and brought out the file that Melody or Alex gave her.


“When I was at my booth a woman, that looked like the one on the cover of the Melody Malone book came up to me and gave this to me.” Belles said, setting the file down on a table to her right, opening it up.


“Wait, so either Alex Kingston or River Song gave you that file with information on the Silence that we most probably already know?” Chrissy asked, now kind of jealous.


“Yes, but now is not the time for jealousy Christiana, now hush while I explain my theory.” Belles said, not looking up from the file as she flipped through its pages. Chrissy looked shocked for a moment before huffing and nodding. The Doctor chuckled, thinking to himself that Chrissy looked adorable when she was mad like that.


“Now, I only skimmed this earlier, but I may have found something interesting.” Belles started to explain, “I found both mine and Chrissy's names and screen names along with our family information. Chrissy's is normal, but it looks more like a character profile for Chrissy's character in her story 'Anywhere but Home'. Now this might just be a long shot, but my family information says that I'm adopted, which I am indefinitely positive that I'm not, but it also has two other names for me.”


“And those are?” the Doctor urged, wondering if this was the proff he needed for his own theory.


“Melody Harkness/Pond II and River Song II. The other thing is the woman called me Melody.” Belles said, looking at the Doctor and at Chrissy before continuing. “I also found a second name for you Chrissy, but the weird thing is, your second name in this file is Horatia. The woman told me to share this file with only the Doctor and Horatia.”


“This is mental. There is no way that I'm a character from my story.” Chrissy said, looking at the younger girl as if she had two heads.


“That's what I told the woman, but she said otherwise. I'm still trying to believe that this isn't a bunch of bullocks and that Moffat is trying to prank us, but the facts are staring us in the face Christiana, you are a character from you fan-fiction and I'm a character from my short story fan-fiction.”


The Doctor thought to himself that this was amazing as he was starting to remember the time when Chrissy actually did come through to his universe. She was his Chrissy, his Horatia. The younger girl, Belles or River number two (in the Doctor's mind) was the same girl he met at Demon's run, just a few regenerations either before or after he met her.


“Doctor, do you think that this information is, in fact true, that we aren't who we thought we were? Could we really be characters that we made up for our own entertainment?” Chrissy asked, wondering if Belles was going insane for thinking she was a fictional character.


“Yes I do Chrissy, it's just been erased from all our minds, well for me and you, Chrissy, it's been tucked away a the back of our minds, nagging us. Me not until now and you by showing you how to write that fan-fiction which lead you to Belles.” he said, a small smile plainly visible.


“But what about me Doctor, what about my memory?” Belles asked, a little scared of what she might hear. I mean come-on, it's not every day that a Time Lord from a dead planet in another version of reality tells you that when you think your who your not you are.


“You have a chameleon arch hanging round you neck, need I say more?” the Doctor smirked.


Part 3


Both Belles and Chrissy's mouths hang open. Belles' hand instinctively go towards he neck to grab the chain of her clock necklace that always hung around her neck no matter what.


“But, if she's got a chameleon arch around her neck does that mean she's a, a-” Chrissy started, but was unable to fully complete her sentence.


“A Time Lord, well not exactly. The woman who gave Belles the file called her Melody Harkness or Pond or what ever, but the main thing is that she said that Belles' 'character' River Song II is real and that Belles is River Song II. She's half Time Lord, half whatever the hell Jack is!” the Doctor explained.


“Wait, if you've never been here before and this is an entirely different universe for you, then how do you know about Belles's characters and all that stuff?” Chrissy asked, catching that little key fact.


“Well, I'm not entirely sure.” the Doctor said, his face reading a little far off and confused. Almost as if he were trying to remember, but he just couldn't.


“You might have gotten that information from a Silence and it's just now coming to you like a mental foot-note.” Belles suggested. The Doctor nodded, still not entirely sure of himself.


“But if we are the characters that we created, then the fictional world should be in our minds and we should be able to shape it. Shouldn't we?” Chrissy asked, trying to understand the concept.


“No, no no no! That's not what it is Chrissy. You were the character before you wrote the story, you remembered through an idea, the whole thing that you wrote as the sequel to Andrew and Nine and Ten hasn't happened, you aren't a Time Lord just yet. All that has been erased from both yours and my own memories. Why though, I don't know yet.” the Doctor said, talking at fifteen hundred miles an hour.


“Doctor! If she wrote what already happened to her, what about me and all of my River Song II things?” Belles asked.


“That is completely different. Your mother gave you a journal, just like I left her, except the one that you wrote, day by day, so you knew what was going to happen and what must happen, what you must do. You Melody Jr., you are indeed a River Song! You have a specific path laid out for you that coincides with my own future, that's why you have to know your own!” the Doctor explained excitedly, now that he was able to fit the puzzle pieces together nicely.


“OK, now that we know all that, why couldn't I remember meeting you before, and why can't I remember the movie?” Chrissy asked, still slightly confused as to why some of her memory was missing.


“I'm not completely sure on that part yet, but I do know that the Silence didn't want you to become Horatia because she would be the one person to pull me through Trensalor alive and in tact like I am now.” the Doctor said, looking away from Chrissy and blushing slightly.


Chrissy blushed a little as well, remembering the romantics that she had written in her on-going series for Horatia and the Doctor's adventures. Belles was looking back and forth between the two blushing adults with a slightly smug smirk dressing her lips. There was a twinkle in her eye that spelled out nothing but mischief.


“Izabelle! Izabelle! Izabelle Where Are You?” two voices called out through the convention noise that caught the trio's attention.


Belles whipped around quickly and spotted the couple that was calling that phrase out over and over. Her eyes widened and she quickly turned back around and pushed the Doctor and Chrissy in front of her like a human shield. Both the Doctor and Chrissy were a little confused as to why their you friend was doing that.


“Belles, what is up with you?” Chrissy asked, looking over her shoulder at the girl, who was crouched behind her and the Doctor clutching their arms to keep them in place.


“Those are my parents!” Belles hissed quietly, but still loud enough that the Doctor and Chrissy could hear her.


The Doctor was confused at her statement, while Chrissy completely understood what was going on. Belles had said earlier that her parents were very strict and wouldn't let her go anywhere on her own, and that she had come to the convention on her own as well. The only plausible explanation was that the young girl had gone behind her parents back and gone to the convention with out their permission.


“Why you naughty little sneak!” Chrissy said, looking down at the girl with an amused look crowning her face.


“Well it was that or stay in boring old Wisconsin for another dramatically boring day in my life. I wanted a little bit of variety so this was my only option since my parents wouldn't even consider letting me go.” Belles retorted standing up straight and turning the two adults to face her.


“Wait, Doctor confused! Why is Belles a naughty little sneak?” the Doctor asked.


“I went behind my parents back and came to the convention without their consent. It was actually a good plan if I say so myself.” Belles said, praising herself a little for her good sneaking.


“No, not good. You should run away. If your parents say no then you have to listen to them.” Chrissy scolded.


“Oh, and every time your parents told you to do something you sat there like a goody two shoes and did as told did you?” Belles whipped back.


“Yes, I did because I didn't want to get in trouble!” Chrissy fought back.


“Well that's you, not me. Besides if I had stayed home would any of this had happened, no! It wouldn't have happened in the exact same way that it had ocured!” Belles reasoned.


“Well that still doesn't give you the right to run away.” Chrissy yelled.


“Well then why does he?” Belles yelled back, pointing an accusing finger at the Doctor. Chrissy backed down a little and put her face in her hands and tried to calm down.


“Izabelle! Where the hell have you been?” a woman shouted in Belles face as she gripped the young girls arm with such force that made her whimper.


“Having fun and making more friends than I have ever been able to have.” Belles retorted, yanking her arm from the woman's seemingly iron grip.


“Well I don't care! You are coming home right now! Harold, grab your daughter and let's go. Right now!” the woman screamed, grasping Belles' arm again.


A man who looked somewhat like an older version of Belles came over and grabbed her arm and started dragging her away kicking and screaming.


“No, stop! I'm not leaving until I am told the truth!” Belles yelled at her 'parents'.


“The truth about what?” the man, whom was named Harold and was thought to be Belles's father, asked.


“My parent's. I was given a file earlier by a woman, it said that my parents are two entirely different people from you!” Belles explained. The woman and Harold shared a scared look.


“Betty, maybe you should tell her.” Harold said, a little frightened by what his daughter had said for a reason unknown. The woman, whom you can probably tell is named Betty and is Belles's 'mom', nodded and looked Belles in the eye.


“You are adopted. Happy now, we tried to keep you safe by not telling you and by monitoring every little thing you did so you wouldn't turn out like your real mother.” Betty explained harshly.


“You would have kept me safer by telling me the fucking truth!” Belles screamed in the woman's face. You could see the anger rolling off of the young girl in waves as she sat their glaring at her adoptive parents for not telling her who she really was sooner. Wouldn't you react almost the same if this secret had been kept from you for the last fourteen years of your life?


“Why, that's all I ask. Why didn't you guys tell me?” Belles asked her parents.


“Because your mother isn't a good person. She killed a good man and we didn't want you to follow in her footsteps.” Harold said a little softer than Betty's cold tone.


“Well it's too late, I know who I am now. I'm going to help my friends and you can't make me leave.” Belles said turning back to the Doctor and Chrissy, who had witnessed that whole embarrassing outburst. “That is, if you guys will still let me.”


“Of course, we need a River Song to make this a real Doctor Who adventure. Melody is who you are and there is no changing it.” Chrissy said smiling. The Doctor nodded and held his arms open for a hug. Belles, or Melody as she knew her real name is, smiled and went to hug the Doctor, but her father held her back.


“I'm sorry sweetheart, but we can't let you do that. Your mother said that we had to keep you with us until you were ready for all of this. Your not ready, you can't help with this.” he told her calmly.


“You're wrong, I am ready. I've been able to help the Doctor and Chrissy work out some of the stuff that is really important. You have to let me go now!” Belles argued.


“She is right you know,” the Doctor began. “She is ready to help me and at the end of all of this she is coming with me and she will be reunited with her real parents.”


“No.” Betty said, glaring at the Doctor. “She is staying here, she is only a child and she can't do anything on her own. She isn't ready!”


The Doctor and Betty went back and forth arguing about whether or not Belles, or Melody, was ready to help the world. During that time, Melody worked her way away from her 'father' and stood behind Chrissy. She sat there for a moment listening to the time lord and human bickering, listening to them she grew upset that she couldn't defend herself against her parents. She couldn't take it anymore.


“SHUT UP!” Melody shouted at the two bickering adults. “I can decide for myself whether or not I'm ready for this adventure, let me chose and then just leave me alone.”


“OK, fine. Do what you want with your life, it's not like I've raised you since birth!” Betty yelled back at Melody. She just shook her head and walked over to the Doctor and Chrissy.


“I'm old enough to make my own choices and my choice right now is to stay and help my friends.” Melody declared, taking one of the Doctor's hands and one of Chrissy's in her own two hands. Betty was enraged and stormed out of the convention room drawing some rather unwanted attention, while Harold gave a thumbs up and a wink before following Betty out the doors. Melody's shoulders dropped as she let out a sigh.


“Well, at least you know the truth. They won't hate you, trust me. You're too perfect to hate.” the Doctor said, placing his hands on Melody's shoulders to comfort her.


“Thanks Doctor. Now what are we going to do about the Silence and getting yours and Chrissy's memories back?” Melody asked with a twinkle in her eye.


Both the Doctor and Chrissy saw this little spark and change in her personality. The Doctor, though only him, noticed the twinkle in her eye. That was the same twinkle that Jack Harkness and River Song had in their eyes when a new game was afoot.


Chrissy just chuckled and shook her head and wrapped an arm loosely around Melody's shoulders before speaking, “Well, we can't call you Belles any more can we Melody?”


“No, just Mels Chrissy.” the young semi-Time Lord said. The three of them laughed at that, remembering 'Let's Kill Hitler' or in the Doctor's case, when River Song met him for the first time.


After everything calmed down a bit the trio went to work devising a plan to kick out the Silence. The girls had very good ideas and they had plenty of experience at coming up with ideas out of nothing because they are, of course, writers and writers can do almost anything with their words.


While the trio sat in the cafeteria planing their attack and stratigizing for any and every outcome, they were unaware of the cameras watching them, and only them. The Silence had a few different Demons Run survivors positioned at each exit of the single convention room, blocking the people in the building from getting out.


Inside the building were many Doctor Who fan fiction writers, the YouTubers, Charlie and Alex with others, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, along with a few actors like Tome Baker, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie Piper and Jenna-Louise Coleman and of course our protagonists, the Doctor, Chrissy and Melody (or Belles).


The leader of the Silence sat in the video feed room, keeping a close eye on our heroes. He sat, watching their every move, not knowing what was going to happen. The only person who knew the outcome was Melody Harkness II, the girl with the knowledge of her own outcome. The only person that had the journal of Melody's life was her mother, River Song, as she was known by almost everyone.


The Silence leader stood up and left the room. He went to Charles, his right hand human, with a direct order, only one order, an order that began the ultimate plan, the fall of the eleventh, the Doctor's demise in the fields of Trensalor and the end to the question that begins all deaths.


Doctor who?


“Begin the lock down, it is time.” the Silence leader said to Charles, who nodded and went to spread the word. The Doctor was going to his fate.




The Doctor looked up as he heard a sound like a lock being locked. Melody looked up too, hearing it as well. The both of them wondering what was going on. Chrissy looked up from the paper they were writing their plan on and looked between the two of them.


“What is it guys? Seeing as I'm not a Time Lord, or half Time Lord.” Chrissy asked, slightly scared.


“Nothing, just a tawdry quirk.” Melody said, looking back at the plan and shaking her head.


She didn't think that a Time Lord, a Half Time Lord Half Immortal and a human could defeat possibly an entire US army sized squadron of Silence. The Doctor didn't think it was likely for them to come out alive, but there was a possibility. Chrissy was just hoping that they would be alright.


“I'm just going to go look around.” the Doctor said.


“No, I'll take a look, I can handle myself, but I can't help Chrissy if she needs it. You know, in case they start it while your gone.” Melody said. The Doctor nodded as she stood up and held her hand out to the Doctor.


“What? Why are holding your hand out like that?” he asked, an eyebrow raised as he was clearly confused.


“The sonic Doctor, it'll help me if I find a locked door that needs opening.” Mels replied. He nodded and took it out of his pocket and placed it gingerly in her hand.


Melody nodded a thanks and walked off into the convention room. She started by looking at the exits and entrances. All were locked as she soon discovered. She then soniced the doors trying to get it open, but they just wouldn't cooperate.


“Damn, all dead-locked. It must be starting.” Mels muttered under her breath. She turned around and started running back to the cafeteria, to the Doctor and Chrissy.


While Melody had gone off, the Doctor and Chrissy began talking, trying to recall their past memories.


“So, in the story, you and I had no real romantic encounters?” the Doctor questioned.


“No, at least none until the sequel.” Chrissy admitted, a little embarrassed to be talking about her fan fiction so openly with the man they were about.


“Oh, I just thought.” the Doctor admitted, also slightly red from the subject.


“I had a character, or I guess there was a guy that caught my sight, Andrew.” Chrissy explained.


“Oh.” he replied. The Doctor felt a pang in his heart, something he hadn't felt since Rose and Captain Jack. The only difference, the pang now hurt more than it did in the past. The Doctor knew what it meant, he just didn't want to admit it just yet.


Chrissy though, knew something was wrong. She placed a hand over his own, gently stroking her thumb over the back of his hand. He relaxed almost instantly to this. Chrissy felt the exact same way as he did, the conflicting feelings of 'I really do like him' and 'He'll never feel the same' overwhelming her senses.


The Doctor placed his other hand over her own and raise her hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss on her palm. A romantic gesture that he had picked up from Henry VIII when he was courting Mary Boleyn. Chrissy blushed slightly at this, wondering what he could possibly be doing.


“Hey love birds, now isn't the time to discuss your relationship. I think they're starting the final plan.” Melody yelled at them from two feet away. The two snapped apart, deep crimson shades running through their faces.


“What do you mean you think it's starting?” Chrissy asked, completely ignoring the comment previous to her thought.


“I mean, I checked every single one of the exits and entrances and they're all dead locked. We have no way out. It's starting.” Melody explained. “Now what do we do? We have nothing to work with. The TARDIS is two floors down and the stairwells are locked too!”


“We stay where we are and alert everyone on the floor. Come on.” Chrissy said. She wasn't going to have people die, not today.


“No, there is no way they'll listen. It wont work because they'll think its a promotional stunt.” the Doctor argued.


“Well we can still-” Chrissy's words were cut short by the entire floor shaking. The lights flickered and there was the noise of an engine whirring. There was a giant flash of light and then darkness. During the whole thing people were thrown to the floor, now, groaning, they all stood up slowly and carefully.


“Now they'll believe us. Melody, sonic!” the Doctor said, his eyes already adjusted to the dark. Mels held up the Doctors tool and he grabbed it and soniced the lights. They came back on and everyone started gathering around the trio. Everyone was looking at the Doctor is shock and awe. Steven Moffat emerged from the crowd and saw the Doctor sonicing the lights, keeping them on.


“Bloody Hell, he's real!” he exclaimed. Moffat's jaw dropped and Chrissy looked over at him. If the situation weren't as bad as they were thinking, she would have laughed. Melody on the oter hand climbed on top of the nearest table that was right side up.


She whistled extremely loudly, catching everyone’s attention, and creating a vast blanket of silence. “Alright, now I guess that I've got you. You might be scared, but I need you all to shut up for a moment while I explain. This man here, his name is the Doctor, not Matt Smith. This is not a stunt. We might be in danger and then there is the off hand chance that we aren't. My name is Melody Harkness and we need to work together because the Silence want to harm a few fan fiction writers and maybe even our beloved producer, Steven Moffat. Now listen to the Doctor as he explains what to do.”


Melody jumped down from the table and helped the Doctor up. He put his sonic in his jacket pocket. Clearing his throat he spoke to the men women and teenagers that all knew his name prior to this day.


“As Melody said, my name is the Doctor. Yes I am an alien from a dead planet and the lat of my kind, and yes I do only have two hearts.” he started. “The Silence are planing to harm some of you who have written about my future passing Trensalor. Today is the day you have to take up and defend yourself, we have plastic, it conducts electricity poorly so it will protect you from the Silence's electric blasts. Find as much plastic as you can and bring it here, from there we will devise a plan.”


The people that had been listening dispersed and went out to find all of the plastic they could. While they were searching, David Tennant walked up to Mels, Chrissy and the Doctor. Putting a hand on the Doctor's shoulder, he turned him around to look him in the eyes.


“You really are real. I never thought that when I played a fictional character that he would turn out to be real.” David said, still a little shocked. He then turned and left to help scour the room for plastic items like they were gold coins in a Mario game.


Melody wore an amused look on her face, an eyebrow raised and a smirk painting her lips. Chrissy had a similar look on her own face, but it was more surprised than amused. The Doctor on another hand, was completely confused.


“Was that another me? From the past?” he asked.


“No Doctor, that's the actor that played your tenth reincarnation.” Chrissy explained as people piled up a bunch of plastic in the middle of the room.


Out of no where there was a bright shock of light and then there were Silence members all over the room. Everyone ran about, complete and utter chaos was unleashed. Melody paused for a moment as a woman screamed out of no where.


“Aliens! On Trensalor!” Melody looked at the woman. No older than Chrissy she assumed, grabbing the woman's arm.


“What did you just say?” she asked, realization crossing her face when the woman repeated her words.


“Aliens, on the tenth floor.” The woman said, yanking her arm out of Melody's grasp and running away. Melody stood there for a moment before the scene before her changed, the Doctor had his arms held behind his back, Chrissy next to him on her knees, wrists cuffed in front of her. The Doctor reached out to the ginger and took her hand, the gesture calming Chrissy in the slightest way. A Silence grabbed Melody from behind and dragged her over to her two friends. They were in a circle as an engine whirred.


“Trensalor.” Melody whispered.


“What?” Chrissy asked, staring at the young girl who had grown so much in the past day.


“A woman shouted out and it sounded like she yelled Trensalor, but she said the tenth floor.” Mels explained.


“Then someone has to ask the question.” Chrissy said, coming up with a plan out of no where. Mels shook her head.


“No, we have to. We are the only one's that know. It's now or never Christiana.” Mels said. That one sentence sparked something in Chrissy's head that allowed her memories to come running back to her. The pain, the romance, the friendship and the heart break. No here she was, ready to become who she was meant to be, Horatia, the Doctor's wife.


“Doctor who?” Chrissy asked loudly, directing her attention to the Doctor.


“What?” he replied, confused.


“Doctor who?” Melody asked, her eyes showing no emotion, her face blank, almost like destiny, even though Mels hated the idea of destiny, she personally thought it was stupid.


“What are you two doing?” the Doctor said again.


“Doctor who?” Chrissy asked again.


“Doctor who?” asked a near by man.


“Doctor who?” Steven Moffat joined the question, understanding what was beginning to go on.


“Doctor who?” David Tennant yelled out.


“Doctor who?” yelled Charlie McDonnell with Alex Day and their YouTube friends.


“Doctor who? Doctor who? Doctor who? Doctor who?” every single one of the people in the room had started chanting the question over and over again. They chanted louder and louder, they didn't stop, not even when a few started dropping dead as the Silence drew electricity from the air and started burning peoples hearts to a medium rare.


“The Doctor, that's all I am.” the Doctor fought, not realizing that this might be his end, the fall of the eleventh.


“No Doctor, Trensalor!” Chrissy whispered to him. His eyes widened, finally knowing it was time to be the man he was raised by his nanny to become, through stories and songs and little hints, this was what had to happen. This time can't be re-written, this is what the Doctor needed to do. It was time for it all to come to it's end.


“I am a man with the title Doctor because it meant a man who helps the wounded, but that is not who I am. I don't help the wounded, I take people away and harm them by giving them the times of their lives. No more, my name is not the Doctor, the Doctor is a title I took on, knowing I could never look back to Gallifrey, to my family, my name is not the Doctor, it has never been. My. Name. Is. Mangus. Susceptor!” the Doctor said quietly at first but his voice grew, his mind expanded and he ended up screaming his name, a name that burnt stars cold, a name that struck fear into the hearts of many, the name of a man who wiped out his own race just to save the universe, the Doctor's name was reveled, but no one would remember anything except for Melody and Chrissy and the Doctor.


The two girls that had changed so much that day looked up at the Time Lord, the man with the name that meant 'the great protector of man'. He looked in between the two of them as they whole of the Silence began to scream and put their hands to their heads as they withered in pain, the man and women from Demons Run did the same as electricity engulfed them from the eye drives.


The room began to shake again and there was a bright light and then a loud boom as the light from Earth's sun came through the windows in the ceiling and casted happiness over the people who were confused as to what was going on and why there was plastic everywhere. The men and woman who were once dead woke up and stood wondering as well what the hell was happening.


The people all just shook their heads, as if nothing happened, and walked away, returning to their regular lives. No one would remember the magnificent feeling they had when they had been able to ask the Doctor the question. No one but the Doctor, Chrissy and Melody Harkness II would ever know the Doctor's real name.


As soon as the shaking stopped, the trio walked towards the front of the room where the doors lead out to a balcony. Harold, Melody's 'father' came over and gave her a gigantic hug. She returned it with a feeling that she wouldn't see him again any time in her future.


As Melody was saying her final goodbye's Chrissy watched, knowing how heart-broken she might be. The Doctor saw a far off look in Chrissy's eyes. He came up behind her and laced his fingers through her own. Chrissy looked down at their hands and then looked up at the Doctor's face. He knew it was selfish and she may not agree to it, but he remembered now how he felt when he first met her.


Chrissy made him feel alive once more. Chrissy smiled and even though she didn't know how he would react, she leaned over to him and gave him a small kiss on his cheek before dragging the now blushing Time Lord over to Melody.


Looking over, Mels knew it was time for her to go. She watched the blushing Doctor and Chrissy waiting for her as she knew what might happen next. Walking over to them the trio walked back to the TARDIS and climbed inside, though Chrissy was a little hesitant, but she knew that this was where she belonged. Chrissy just knew, her place was in the TARDIS with the Doctor, what happened in her stories were a little nerve racking and maybe painful, but for the Doctor she would burn in 1,000 stars.

Melody sat down on the bench next to the console as the Doctor and Chrissy exchanged a look. Mels grabbed the chain around her neck and pulled the watch out and looked at it for a moment, listening and hearing whispers of a thousand suns talking to her.


“Open the watch Melody.” And she did, reviving her true form, Melody Amelia Harkness II. Going back to the universe she was born in, she went back to her parents, waiting until she met the Doctor and Chrissy again, in her future, five regenerations in her future.