On October 15, 2008, a carrier train carrying 225 people  collided  with a freight train while going 85 miles an hour. 25  died, and  it is considered to be the 2nd worst train accident in american history, behind the great train crash of 1918


(Dan Marks, 24)

  • Dan Marks, (24) was killed in the crash. Police found and recovered his body, yet for the first 12 hours, dan’s cell phone placed call after call to his loved ones. His fiancee, brother, parents, even his friends were called.  When they would call back, their calls would go straight to voicemail. This gave them hope, thinking that he was alive but trapped in wreckage somewhere. 

    • With so many calls coming in, police tracked the phone. They found his body, and the calls stopped. He had died on impact ,  and there was conclusive evidence that he instantly died,yet his phone had reached out to many other people hours after his death.  The phone calls lead rescuersto his mortal remains, and interestingly his cell phone was never found.