“You’ll never do it!” jeered Robin, “You’ll get yourself killed” mocked Blue Jay “I can’t believe you would even think of doing something this stupid” remarked Crow. But Seagull didn’t give up, he put his mind to it, and eventually he was on top of the sign. The sign that clearly read “No Birds”. This was an enormous risk for Seagull but he landed on it and he stood there. He stood there for almost 20 minutes, Just staring into the distance, waiting for witnesses to this event. A crowd eventually came to be, which included photographers, who took pictures of him, just what Seagull was hoping for, photographers, people who could document this momentous occasion. Never would this happen again, this would be the only time, and this would be the perfect time. There was applause, and everyone loved the bird, they knew he was a very brave bird, you had to be a brave bird to land on a sign that said no birds. Eventually, the image was plastered on people’s shirts, hats, and on posters in their houses. Seagull was so excited, he was everywhere, you could not look anywhere without seeing the picture of a bird standing on a sign that said no birds.  “I can’t believe you did that!” exclaimed Robin, shocked, “I think he cheated” said Blue Jay with displeasure in his voice, “I didn’t know you were so fly!” joked Crow. Seagull was the talk of the town. The sign he was standing on was preserved in a museum, which brings thousands of people every week. Seagull was very popular, but unfortunately he tested his luck too much. Since he was so popular he decided he would try another risk, he would fly into a building, hoping to get praise from everybody, he was hoping once the people saw him fly through the window, they would stand up from their seats, applaud and cheer, they would throw roses, they would whistle and they would jump up and down in delight! That had to happen, it happened last time, they would have to recognize him, right? No, that was not the case. He flew in to the building and everybody screamed, jumped out of their seats and ran away, they were so scared because they did not know which seagull it was, since all seagulls look very similar. Seagull felt so stupid, he had never thought of the fact that all seagulls look similar. They threw books at him and he was so confused, eventually he flew away. And was greeted by more jeers by Blue Jay, Robin, and Crow. Seagull was so upset, he went into a dark depression. He was eating three worms a day. He didn’t care about anything. He just wanted the jeers to end. Until he thought of a plan. He was going to fly in the museum and go back on the no birds sign. He thought carefully of all of the possibilities of doing the deed, all of the positives and negatives, what time to fly in the museum, what day, what time, he had to factor everything in to make sure nothing wrong happened.  He knew he would get more jeers from the birds, but he decided that the deed had to be done. So he took a deep breath and flew through the window, everybody in the museum was confused, Seagull was looking for the sign, but he couldn’t find it, he was bumping into walls. Seagull was getting extremely nervous, he was so terrified of not finding the sign, if he didn’t find the sign everyone would hate him, and he could be even die from a crazy person from the crowd. But right as he was about to give up, he saw the sign, glowing with a light from the heavens, and he heard a heavenly chorus of Angels signing. He flew up to it and landed on it. Everyone in the museum saw what had happened and cheered. They were jumping up and down with delight, they were throwing roses, they were clapping, they were screaming out of their minds, they could not believe what had just happened, and Seagull had never been more ecstatic. but he had to remain chill, so he would not look like an idiot. He had finally got the respect from before, unfortunately cameras weren’t allowed in the museum, so no one could take a picture of the legendary occasion, which kind of disappointed Seagull but he soon realized that it was better if everyone who saw it just knew it by memory. Seagull left, after about 10 minutes of applause, and was greeted again by Blue Jay, Robin, and Crow, who had started to respect him again. “Wow, he did it again!” smirked Blue Jay. “I can’t believe this” exclaimed Robin. “Showoff” said Crow. Seagull did not care if his friends were jealous, because he knew, deep down in his heart that he had done a great deed, and that it would follow him to the rest of his life, he didn’t care if he would only be remembered for one thing, he would be remembered for something, and that was good enough for him, he would also never try a stupid stunt like flying into a building with nobody knowing what was going on. Seagull can be an inspiration for us, sometimes living life on the edge can give great results. Rules are made to be broken, but you need to know when to stop. If you don’t know when to stop, you will be just like the Seagull and lose respect. But if take that one risk, then maybe, just maybe people will remember you, you will be definitely remembered as that one kid who did that one thing. And those memories will certainly last forever.