You know how people have that one song you listen to and everything that is on your mind dissipates? All you are concerned with is hearing the voices and the melodies.
The lyrics slip into your ears and steal the worries from your brain and all you are left with is the feeling of pure bliss. For me, that song has always been composed of the combinations of sounds I hear when taking a photograph. I drift into this state right before the click where I  pay attention to everything that is going on around me. I hear the birds and the waves, and I feel the warm breeze and the sand blowing against my ankles. Or I hear the car horns and the people anxiously moving  from one place to another and feel the shadows of the skyscrapers looming over me. No matter my location, the surrounding noises are my song of bliss, and I replay it everyday.

My favorite thing in the world is taking photographs. Something in the way you have the ability to capture someone's personality in one click, or tell a whole story within one frame. I have always been interested in art but I’d never thought about taking photography class until this year. I am one of the only boys in the class but I like to think it is because the other boys don’t even know how to open the lense cap on a camera since their iphones don’t require them.

My favorite place to take photos is in Milwaukee. There is so much life there, so many stories I can tell. So naturally I was psyched to hear we were going on a field trip to do just that. This field trip definitely beat the elementary school trips to the museum.

When we got there my teacher arranged a meeting time and place for our class, and then we were told to go and take a photograph that would “wow” her. I directly started walking toward my favorite place in the city,the lake front. There are so many things I could take pictures of. I tried to get my head in the zone on the way, remembering how I felt the last time I had taken a picture there. It was of a seagull, and I remember feeling free, like I could fly away with it, right over the water.

I got to the beach and began to scan for something to photograph. I saw more seagulls, more waves, more sand, and lots of other things I had already photographed from every angle and in every situation. I hope I’m not getting bored with photography, It has been my passion for the past few weeks I would hate to  think I had already exhausted it. Just when I was about to turn around and take a picture of another building at a weird angle, I saw her.

The most beautiful girl in the world. She had blonde hair that was bobbed in very tight curls that framed her unlined face, and slightly sad looking eyes. She had thin lips that were curved up in a slight smile as if she was thinking of a fond memory.  Her sundress was draped over the side of the bench she sat on, occasionally getting flipped around by the spring breeze. As she sat watching the waves deep in thought, I knew I had found my next picture.

I tentatively went up to her and said “Excuse me miss?” She looked up at me with questioning eyes and said, “Yes?”

“My name is Carter and I was wondering If I might possibly take your picture for my photography class?” My heart was pounding in my chest so fast I thought the whole world could dance to the beat of it.

She studied me and then smiled before answering with a simple, “Yes.”

I almost yelped in my excitement. I don’t know what it was about this girl but I knew if I didn’t have proof of her existence my mind would never let me believe she was actually real.

I told her to just sit there lost in thought the way she was before and I would do everything else. When I got into the zone this time, something was different. Every time I tried to hear the rhythm of my surroundings all I heard was my heart, all I saw was her face and all I felt was love. “Best field trip ever.” Click.