The Best Field Trip Ever


    Andrew Oswald

As we pulled up, the kids were eagerly looking out the window. My friend who was wearing his new shoes, said “Andrew, dude I can't wait until we get off. I’m going near the pond you want to come”?  I shook my head eagerly not knowing I would regret the decision in an hour.  We all lined up so we could get off the bus to feel the fresh air again.  As the kids got off I noticed many of them were standing together in a huddle, I thought, maybe the teacher was talking to them.  I got off, and a blast of cold air hit my unprotected body, my t-shirt was no match for this.  I found myself joining the group that was huddling to stay warm.  “Alright you weenies”, screamed our gym coach;”its kickball time, if you don’t want to play, you can join the greasy llamas on the swing set”.  We all laughed, this was typical for our gym teacher Mr. Shlime, to make a fool of himself again.  We went to the baseball court, it was time to show the kids I could do it, I could kick a ball and catch one.  The teams were picked and like always, I was last.  If there was a chair to pick vs. me,  the kids would have picked the chair.  It determined that our team would play on defense, and our pitcher, would be someone who couldn’t pitch.  Mr. Shlime was up first, he pushed everyone out of the way and screamed they would do laps if they didn't let him go first.  Our pitcher pitched and the ball rolled to the side, but Mr. Shlime kicked anyway, missing the ball completely.  His foot swung up forcing him to spin into a backflip and landing on his back.  We all laughed at him but his face was red and he told the pitcher to just leave the ball in front of him.  The kid came over and put it down like Mr. Shlime told him too.  He ran forward and kicked the ball which landed right in my arms.  Everyone cheered except for Mr. Shlime who was to busy threatening me with suspension for cheating.  I decided i had enough kickball in one day and so i went toward the bridge where my friend Matt from the bus and his twin Ryan were both walking by the pond and picking up sticks.  I walked toward them and they greeted me as if i had been gone for hours.  “Where have you been, you should have been here like three hours ago”  I replied in a simple tone that he didn’t have to cry about it.  We decided to play ninja, or at least they did.  Their sword/stick fighting skills weren't impressive and every once and awhile i would hear “oww don't hit so hard”!  About three minutes later i heard a whoosh and out of nowhere a stick came flying in my direction.  I was struck in the stomach so hard that i was turning blue due to the fact i couldn’t breath.  Helplessly gasping for air i was turmoiled thinking i was going to die Without even knowing who my attacker was.  I collected enough air in my lungs to turn around to face my attacker, and their was my friend, mouth wide open, staring in horror, and no stick in his hand.  My stomach worsened in pain, and the rest of the time i was walking around holding my stomach as if i was going to projectile vomit.  However i made made it in time to go back to school.  As i got on the bus, James who was a kid no one liked was smiling because he won the game for his team, looked up and yelled “Best field Trip Ever”.  I smiled to myself realizing i would never forget how the “Best field trip ever” became the worst field trip ever.