Epic Poem

The Journey

We begin with our hero, his depression shows, and his heart lingers for what he wants most.

He who came from his hall was told that he could not continue.  

Poor Gabriel, if you hadn't been so foolish you would not have had to make your journey home.  

It is time Gabriel, time to make a choice,  are you going to stand in the cold until the strike of 7 or will you walk in the cold brutal day that lingers for the heat of man.

For Gabriel has made his choice, he shall walk home; with armor that hardly blocks rain, shall make it I hope but your chances are slim.

For Gabriel has just descended outside, feeling the cold suck all the strength out of him.

Be weary Gabriel, for death has ascended at you side, he laughs at you, he mocks you, for he tells all that you will become his new best friend.

Prove him wrong Gabriel, fight the cold, show your strength, show your love, and show hatred for the things that defy you both living and the dead.  

You have been given a gift, a weapon for your battles, a cross that turns deadly and bears a metal chain with spikes. use it Gabriel, use your hatred, and your love to beat death, for you will triumphant Gabriel I know you shall.  

You will do questionable things, things that will question your humanity, things that will become legends to frighten children if there naughty.

For Gabriel, I see you have started walking, slow strides, painful strides, but know you have stopped for a reason, why Gabriel what lingers before you that makes you grip your gift you have been given?

I see it now Gabriel, and it seems death himself could perish from it.  Its eyes burn with hatred, its mouth lingers with arms and legs of men who have fallen, its body is oozing, and its claws long and pointy for stabbing men like a cockroach.  Kill it Gabriel, use your gift and send this beast who stands in your way back to rot in Hell. 

For I watched you Gabriel, I watched you destroy the foul unholy one. Your chain ripped apart its spine and you made it weep blood; I thought you were done but no, you showed no mercy and you plunged your cross into the beast's heart relieving him of the pain you caused only moments ago.

Gabriel you have shown yourself to be quite sufficient