1. God made the world and it was all holy.                            
  2. The animals lived in peace with all men                                 
  3. Until sin entered and made it lowly.                                       
  4. God saw the mess that earth was in, so then                     
  5. He called Noah, His very faithful friend,                                
  6. To tell him, “Since the evil still precedes                                               
  7. I will soon have the world come to an end.                         
  8. Floods will come to cease all of the bad deeds.                 
  9. Build an ark that will save your kids and wife                      
  10. For this won’t stop till the fortieth night.                                              
  11. Make room for everything that breaths life                        
  12. And I will protect you with all my might.”                             
  13. To check for land Noah sent out a dove                                
  14. And saw a rainbow as God’s promised love.