1. Trapped in a glass box without an escape,                  a
  2. Everyone thinks that this is a safe place,                    b
  3. Not seeing from other’s eyes, the landscape,             a
  4. Fears and problems not seen in their faces.                b
  5. Tied back with a life of limitations,                            c
  6. In a world full of possibilities,                                    d
  7. Only wishing for an innovation,                                 c
  8. Still wondering of probabilities.                                 d
  9. Invisible chains holding away dreams,                       e
  10. Force fields of risk keeping them from beliefs,          f
  11. The truth is never as it ever seems,                             e
  12. Appearing satisfied as they hide grief.                       f
  13. Struggling through an unseen battle within,               g
  14. No one realizes the pain begins.                                  g