1. One looks at his face and sees nothing wrong           a
  2. While others look and see evil in all                             b
  3. When the others laugh one tries to stay strong         a
  4. But tears in his eyes are about to fall                           b
  5. Then a foot steps forward about to speak                  c
  6. As a hand goes up to stop the cruel words                 d
  7. To open the eyes of the harsh and meek                    c
  8. To help them hear the words as sung like birds         d
  9. Don’t be abusive he is just like us,                                 e
  10. Why put him down when he has caused no harm    f
  11. The words all came out but I had to trust                    e
  12. That in the end they would work like a charm            f
  13. All are special no matter what they bring                    g
  14. Different colors shall not mean a thing                        g