by Alex W


Midnight drive to seem to last for ages

You could only see the road a bit ahead

Felt as if we owned the road

Flashing lights appeared as if partying

we came to a slow hault

Gravel Scrapping the asphalt as we stop.

Someone appeared with Bright light

She got out while I sat there trembling

It just got darker and colder as i sat waiting

Then screams for my name

They got louder and louder in a begging kind of way

I love you and its not your faults what i could hear
they got farther and farther away

getting muffled  to just a faint sound

then knocking on my side

i sat there in fear not knowing of what will happen

Slowly grabbing the door and creeped my way out

get your hands on the car was all i could hear

the metal was cold.

Feeling him digging in my pockets only to find a quater

he asked me my name

very friendly but didn't say much

I felt lost with nowhere to go or somewhere to be