Cinderella couldn’t help but have the feeling of mourning spread across her face. The blonde sat on an unstable chair beside a bed where her husband lay. His skin drenched in sweat, the light in his hair grayed,the life from his eyes  was draining just as fast as the life from his body.The prince, himself, was doing something everyone thought wouldn’t happen anytime soon. He was dying.

“Dont give up hope, my love,” CInderella encouraged. “We all are here to support you.”

“Cinderella, I don't have much time left. I will have to leave you and this kingdom very soon. There’s nothing I can do,” explained the Prince to Cinderella.

“ Please don’t say that, dear,” unwanted, warm tears began to flow down her cheeks. She wanted to seem strong so that the Prince, himself, would feel the same. But it was hard to keep a smile plastered on her face due to the fact that state the prince was in didn’t benefit anybody. It only made matters worse. There was no possible way that she could stop her shattered soul from showing.

“Ella.” the Prince called his princess by the nickname he gave her. Something he only did when trying to cheer her up. With the little bit of energy left in his body, he painfully reached up to wipe her rosey cheeks. “Please stop crying. YOu shouldn’t cry over any man. Not even this silly ol’ fool,”  the Prince coughed and then continued on. “You have to find someone who can rule this kingdom with you. I don’t have a long time.”

Hearing these words that her husband spoke, Cinderella couldn’t help but want to cry more. She knew what terrible fate lay ahead. If her husband were to die… well, when he dies, Cinderella has to make a decision. A decision that will not only affect her, but her entire kingdom as well.

“No, darling. Let’s not speak of such things.” she put on what she thought was a smile, but it wasn’t too convincing due to the fact that her voice shook.

“Then what must… we talk a-about?” the Prince spoke in between a dry cough that only made his throat rougher than before.

“We need to focus on you. We need to keep my handsome husband alive as long as possible.” Cinderella gasped, not realizing that she spoke the words that she meant to keep in.

“I’d rather n-not.” the Prince frowned. “I’ve had to talk about myself all my life. What about that delicious roast Barbra co….cooked last night.” Cinderella smiled. Although hearing the pain in his voice pained her, hearing her husband bring up his love for food gave her a comforting feeling.

“Yes indeed, it was delicious.” she nodded her head in agreement, not wanting to say too much more.

“She could certainly teach you a thing or t-t-two.” the Prince joked. Trying to let off a laugh, but it came out as a horrid cough.

“I’ll be sure to take up lessons with her first thing in the morning.”Cinderella promised, running her short fingers through his discolored hair.

“And Ella, o-o-ne m-more th-thing.” the Prince struggled with his words. He was now gasping for breath. Trying to hold on to any short sign of life so that he could speak just a few more words to his soon to be widow.

“Yes, d-dear?” Cinderella grabbed hold of her husband’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze, as if it were to work some kind of magic. She knew exactly what was happening now. It was too obvious to miss it. No matter how much pain she felt at the moment, she continued her struggle to keep her tears held back.

“I-I love” he choked. “love y-y-y El……..”

Those were the last words Cinderella heard come from her husband’s mouth. At the thought of it, her eyes became waterfalls as she covered the prince’s body with hers. He was now dead, and Cinderella wanted to be with him. That was their promise from day one; together forever. But now he was gone.

As she dampened her husband’s body, she heard a distinct screech of an old oak door. The sound of heels clacking throughout the room. Soon after, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“It is a sad loss indeed.” Vicky, her advisor spoke with such thoughtlessness. “But you now know what lies in your hands?”

“Can’t I use this time to mourn!” Cinderella raised her voice, something she rarely did. But it was different when it came to Vicky. Vicky was a heartless woman. She never shed a tear nor flashed a polite smile, unless it was for her benefit. And to top it off, Cinderella didn’t like her. She actually had a strong dislike from looking at her. Vicky had an unnecessary point to her jawline that just spelled wicked.

“You may mourn, but that is after you have made a decision!” Vicky spoke words that she has had to repeat several times to the princess. “Now once again, you must decide if you will marry Jonathan and keep this kingdom running smoothly. Or refuse his hand in marriage and put all the lives in your kingdom in grave danger!”

“Choose wisely.” Vicky was sure to add at the end, giving a wicked grin then walking out of the room. Leaving the sobbing Cinderella with the body of her non-breathing husband.  




“Adriana we have to hurry! He must be stopped!” Clary yelled over the roar of the battle. As Clary applies fresh angelic marks to her skin, the fiery feeling of the hot steelie burns against her forearm.She finished drawing the black-inked runes and jumped up leading Adriana through the crowd of fighting people and gray smoke. The quest had reached its peak. There in the center of the smoke, demons, and people was Johnathon; Cinderella’s dreaded prince to be.

“I see him! Adriana, do you have your weapons ready?” Clary couldnt imagine killing her own brother but he is half demon and he threatened bad things to cinderella so here she was, sword in hand, about to kill her own brother.  

Adriana caught a glimpse of jonathan then and she raced forwards, her long black hair flying in curly spirals out behind her. Her heart beating faster than ever before. she didn’t know what was coming ahead but whatever it was she was ready for it.

“Clary! I see him! lets go!” She turned around just as clary killed a human sided lizard thing. Adriana held back a scream as Clary came up behind her.

“It was just a demon. Its ok. We gotta go”. Clary grabbed her arm as they ran towards Johnathon.

They approached the center of town where Jonathan stood on the fountain ledge watching the world crash and burn.

“Clary! How lovely to see my little sister!” Jonathan sarcastically yelled down to her. “What brings you here?”

“What your doing is wrong Jonathan. Forcing Cinderella to marry you; thats horrible. shes way better than you'll ever be”. Clary shouted at him.

“Oh Clary. Your so hostile sometimes. Now why don't you run a long baby sister. it looks like this battle is coming to an end”.

Adriana stepped up and tapped Jonathan on the shoulder for he had turned around to talk with a friend.

“What do you want?” he snapped  “I have no time to discuss your little issue ladies. I’ll be a prince in a week and i cant waste my time talking to the… lower class”, he said as he turned his nose up at her.

Adriana suddenly got very quiet and Clary could tell that he had offended her. She took a step towards him and all she could think was “I’m so sorry mom. he deserved this for everything he’s done to us; leaving us and turning evil and killing all your friends. please forgive me”. Clary was now standing just inches away from Jonathan.

“Jonathan,” Clary said. She knew that she didn't love her brother. How could she? He was afterall, half demon. But she just wanted to say his name one more time. “You have no right at all to make so many people so miserable. its about time someone stopped this”. Clary, in one swift motion, thanks to her boyfriend Jace’s training, got Jonathan’s wrists behind him and up to touch his shoulder blades. He let out a little scream and Clary didn't have one ounce of sympathy for him.

“Clary, I’m your brother! How could you do this to me!” He looked panicked for he wasn't armed and all his men were fighting 50 yards away.

“Oh please. Don’t even pretend you cared about me for even a second. i mean nothing to you and you mean nothing to me. Any last words? I’m sure dear old dad would love to have his evil son by his side again. Its a shame he had to die the same way you're about to. you're so much like him. no wonder mom can't look at you”. Clary nodded at Adriana who brought the sword's tip to rest right over Jonathan's heart. He knew better than to struggle now since one movement could end him. So he did the only thing he thought would possibly save him.

He opened his mouth.

“Adriana, cutie pie.” he flashed a seductive smile, knowing no one had ever done that no one had ever done that to her before. Knowing that no one had ever called her a ‘cutie pie’. Not even her crush, Oritse. Knowing that this smile was one thing that she secretly, desperately yearned for. “You don’t want to do this to me.”

Indeed she didn’t ; but she didn’t want that to show on her face.

“Baby, don’t do it because my darling sister wants you to do it.” he reached for her hand, but it was quickly smacked away by Clary. “No one with a face more beautiful than an angel should kill another.”

Adriana tried so hard not to let his words get to her. She made sure not to even move an inch, worried that if she did, she’d lose her spot over his heart.

“Adriana!” Jonathan's voice was slowly raising, due to that fact that she hadn’t lowered the sword yet. “Don’t do it!”

“I’m so sorry.” Adriana looked into the fire behind Jonathan’s eyes, a slight tremble feeling her body. She was frightened to be killing a man. It’s not like he was a good man, he did threaten the kingdom! He threatened her life. He even told Cinderella that he’d make her his servant! He was no innocent man. But the thought of having his blood on her hands made her a little weak in the knees. After giving it a quick second thought, she realized that she actually had nothing to apologize for. “But I’m not sorry.”

Without a second thought, Adriana threw her weight onto the sword and pushed forward with eyes shut tight.

“ADRIANA!” Jonathan screamed out loud in pain. Not from physical pain, but from the pain of knowing that this was the end. His stop was right her. In just a few more short breaths, this would be the last of Jonathan Morgenstein.

“Clary how could you let her do this to me!” he shouted. and with his last breath he managed to let out a faint “You’re my sister. I love you”. And then he was gone. Clary knew that his last words should have affected her a little more than they had but she knew he hadn’t meant it.

She turned to Adriana and said, “You know he didn’t mean any of that. He was just trying to save his own life. He never cared one bit about anyone but my father and himself. You did the right thing”. and with that, Clary turned and walked away.

Deep down in the pit of her stomach, Adriana felt like she knew that he was lying. After all, if she truly believed him, he’d still have breath running through his lungs.

Somewhere in between the death of Jonathan and now, the battle came to an end. Everyone turned at the sound of Jonathans cry and then, having nothing left to fight for, they all left.

Clary and Adriana walked through the town square just making sure the dead weren’t anyone they had known. And, luckily, they weren’t.

“Come on Adriana,” Clary said. “It’s a long walk back to castle”. They didn’t say a word on the way back. something about their whole experience tonight just wasn’t sitting right with either of them. Clary had killed people before being a shadow hunter and all. She had even killed her own father. but her brother was her hardest kill yet. But she knew her mother would be proud of her.

Adriana couldn’t help but replay Jonathans last minutes over and over again in her head. She had killed a man. But she did it to help her friends and the kingdom. She kept reminding herself of that which made her feel better about it all.  


After a very tiring walk, with only one or two stops, both girls found themselves at the stairs of the castle. They’d clearly disobeyed their friend after she specifically told them not to intervene. Too scared to face Cinderella, both girls had the thought of not facing her at all, but they both also shared the thought of standing face to face with Cinderella. They knew deep down that Cinderella was happy that he was gone though which settled the nausea that rolled over them as they approached the castle.

“You ready?” Clary asked Adriana, giving her hand a slight squeeze.

“Mhhm.” Adriana gulped. A slight shiver ran through her spine. She was such a worry wart.

The trip up the grand stairs was awful on their legs, but once the doors of the castle swung back, they were quickly greeted by a presence that seemed content. A little too content.

“Girls! Girls! Is that you?” Cinderella’s scream could be heard in the distance of the castles halls.The sound of heels hitting the marble floor follow her. “Girls!” A physically disorganized Cinderella appeared in front of the two girls. Her dress ruffled in between her hands. When directly in front of the two, she was completely out of breath. Her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Now Cindy, before you yell about how mad you are with us-”

“Mad?.... Why.. would I be mad… at you?” Cinderella tried her best to fit the words in between each breath. “You saved me from having to marry that awful man! YOu saved yourselves! You saved the kingdom!” Cinderella was jumping with so much joy to the point where she found herself tripping over her heels. Clary and Adriana were sure to reach up for her. While in their arms, Cinderella gave them both a smothering hug.

“I love you guys so much!” she smiled into their shoulders.




Cinderella was excited that her life was finally getting back together. After all the chaos that she had been through this was the first event that has gave her the hope of happiness. She found her best gown and prepared herself for the one of the most important ceremonies of her life. As looking at herself in the mirror she thought to herself the first day when she stepped into this kingdom.  The day when she got married to the Prince. After a few moments she knew that there was no use of looking back; it just brought back bad memories. She cheered up after seeing her friends, Adrianna and Clary coming to help her out.

“Are you excited?” asked both of the girls.

“Why, yes I am. This is where a new part of my life begins. Forgetting all the sorrows that fate has dumped on me. This is where I start off fresh”. she answered remembering all the struggles that she has gone through.

The girls knew how CInderella felt but they knew that they all had to move on and stop thinking about the past.

Clary and Adrianna went on and styled Cinderella’s blonde hair in the most beautiful way that they could think of. After that they added just a little bit of makeup on her face to make it flawless. They put on her regular accessories. They wanted Cinderella to look the way she did way everyone recognized her; simple, elegant, and beautiful. the nClary and Adriana got their simple dresses and met up with Cinderella.

“Oh my! I look so…” Cinderella exclaimed speechless

“amazing!” Adrianna finished.

“Well of course. You have to look good for your subjects,” Clary added on.

“ Thank you so much! You have no clue how much I appreciate you guys,” right then Cinderella brought out something. It was thoughtfully wrapped with golden wrapping paper. Inside was a beautiful picture of all three of them. Both of the girls were speechless.

“This is the most valuable present that i have ever gotten,” expressed Adrainna .

“Thank you so much, Cinderella”, responded Clary.

After that they headed to the platform. All of them walking with full confidence and pride on their faces. They could hear the chattering of the people as they stepped closer and closer. A few feet from the scene they let go CInderella go on her own. BEfore letting her go they hugged her tightly and expressed all their love and support through that one gesture

“Good luck, CInderella,” Adrianna wished

“I’m sure you'll be fine,” ended Clary.

“Thank you!” CInderella said while slowly drifting away from them.

CInderella slowly walked up. As she did the crowd slowly settled down.  THey gave her their undivided attention. After a few seconds all eyes were on her.

Cinderella looked out into the subject, her subject.She knew these were the people she had to support, protect and serve. She was all that they had after the prince died. They needed her as much as she needed them.  She looked out into the crowd and spoke with great confidence as she shouted down to them.

“My people! I am happy to inform you that Since Prince Charming has died, i will NOT be remarrying. I promised the love of my life my love forever and forever he shall have it. I hope you understand and will support me as your one and only leader!” She smiled greatly and waved to the cheering crowd. Just as she was about to turn back off the balcony and go meet Adriana and Clary, something inside her urged her to turn around one more time. She did so and waved one more time and as her big wave came to an end, her eyes met with one of the castle worker’s sons. He was looking at her too with big green eyes. His light brown hair blowing just above his eyes and his freckles seemed to glow in the sun. Cinderella suddenly couldn’t even remember his name. So, she just smiled to herself and thought “I’m gonna like this castle”. He winked at her and mouthed his name to her.

“Liam,” she thought. And for the rest of the day, that’s the only thing that echoed through her head…

The End! ;)