The MFHS News Writing Club has existed since the 2011-12 school year. Mr. Schraeder and Mr. Jaeger co-advised the club, but membership was not stellar. News Writing had been a class at the high school since before Mr. Jaeger started here. However, the class was nearly cancelled for the 2010-11 school year. That was the first year of the online news, but it also marked the last year as a class. 


The Club

Smoke Signals is run as a club today. Mr. Jaeger is available after school daily to discuss articles. Set meetings are not always necessary, and you can join even if you don't have time to meet after school by talking to Mr. Jaeger. However, if you want to better your writing skills and be able to claim that you were part of the news writing club, you will need to produce articles. 


Smoke Signals is the official source for  MFHS student news, opinion, video, and creative writing on the internet.