There are five legal ways to kill a person in the United States, by hanging, firing squad, electrocution, lethal injection, and gas chamber. The last one is eerily reminiscent of the holocaust. Of course, all of the people that can be legally killed by one of these methods are convicted of a crime that warranted the punishment of death. However, a very large problem is that these people that are convicted are not always guilty. That, alone, should be enough to quell supporters of the death penalty but unfortunately it is not. Therefore two more reasons will be examined. The death penalty cannot be justified and should be abolished.

The harridon harlot

Who went by miss Charlette

had a husband die fighting

with harquebus fireing

and that's when she took up her trade


Mr. Monorchid

was a monochromat kid

foolish at best but

his money was good but

She just couldn't make up her mind


Her scruple short lasting

of her husband secerning

She stripped, he was squermy

She dreamt of the scudi

and here she became who she was


Her langour and loathing

Her lusts for betroathing

lapped loud 'long lassitude

long years changed no attitude

but our harlet slowly grew rich


In her total travail

on trepan prevailed

he tangled her tightly

her tremulant, ghastly

and that's how our harridan died